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Best VR 3D apps for Google Cardboard and Oculus | Classroom VR 3D 360 Field Trips

How To Use Google Cardboard VR 360 Videos, Apps and Games in your Classroom! 

1. A Smartphone with HD screen 4-6", accelerometer/gyroscope and Android, MS, iPhone operating system. $100-$800 DOLLARS
2. Google Cardboard App. Free
3. Google Cardboard Glasses. $3-$100 

Google Cardboard App Google Play 
Google Cardboard App iTtunes 

"Imagine visiting the bottom of the sea or the surface of Mars in an afternoon. With Expeditions, teachers can take their classes on immersive virtual journeys to bring their lessons to life".
     With Google Expeditions, teachers can take their classes on immersive virtual journeys that bring their lessons to life. Please fill out this form if you’d like your school to be considered for the Expeditions Pioneer Program.

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How to USE Virtual Reality 3D "Youtube 360" videos in your
CLASSROOM with the Google Cardboard APP, VR 3D Headset (3D VR Glassesand a Smartphone (Samsung, Android, LG and iPhone)! Watching VR 3D 360 video content in your classroom is easy with the Free Google Cardboard App, a Smartphone and a $10 pair of VR 3D 360 Glasses. The first step, check your smartphone's ability, is it VR 3D 360 Headset "Google Cardboard" compatible? Your phone is ready, now download the Google Cardboard App and watch full immersive VR 3D 360 videos in your classroom. You and your students can dive into unlimited possibilities and enjoy the full view of Amazing Destinations.

How to Experience Virtual Reality for Under $50 PBS POV article 

Google Cardboard is a virtual reality (VR) and augmented reality (AR) platform developed by Google for use with a head mount for a smartphone. Named for its fold-out cardboard viewer, the platform is intended as a low-cost system to encourage interest and development in VR and AR applications. Users can either build their own viewer from simple, low-cost components using specifications published by Google, or purchase one manufactured by a third-party.

GOOGLE CARDBOARD VR360 MOVIES's 360° Channel is your destination for the most popular and compelling virtual reality videos

About Vrse: "Vrse is a leading VR company, whose mission is to tell extraordinary stories in virtual reality. Vrse uses custom-built tools and their own VR app to create and distribute the most innovative, story-driven experiences in VR today. Vrse was founded by director Chris Milk and technologist Aaron Koblin – both renowned for their innovative, industry-leading work – and are best known for their high-profile collaborations with The New York Times, the United Nations, Vice, Saturday Night Live, and artists like U2. Vrse’s goal is to push VR forward with ground-breaking experiences that explore and expand the medium’s potential. As Chris said in his 2015 TED Talk, Vrse believes that virtual reality has the power to connect us in a profound way. Through virtual reality, we can become more compassionate, more empathetic, more connected and ultimately, more human."

Experience Cedar Point’s newest roller coaster Valravn from the comfort of your phone!
To fully enjoy this app you'll need a Cardboard VR viewer.

VR Roller Coaster Mystical Island

Google Cardboard VR 3D 360 games AND Apps SAMPLES!

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