Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Western vs. Chinese Pedagogical Philosophy

Tiger Mothers and Tiger Teachers flow from one source, "The Uber Work Ethic that gets you across the finish line first. Tiger Mothers and Tiger Teachers like Jaime Escalante instill students with "An Uber Work Ethic!." Some people seek or find a tiger mindset on their own but it helps to have that persistent task master driving you to your goals! 

"A man who has committed a mistake and doesn't correct it is committing another mistake."

How would Uber attitudes, super high academic expectations, and mindful discipline impact western parents and students?

Uber performance in all academic areas!?
Paragon academic focus!?
Erudite manners and discipline!?
Wise reasoning students!?
Uber successful and super stressed!?
Happy well-rounded students or suicidal!? 

Western vs. Chinese Pedagogical Philosophy in the 21st Century

[PDF]China and the Confucian Education Model - Universitas 21
Western standards) educational inputs in Confucian systems but ... Chinese philosophy was government and ethics rather than logic. ..... and a Chinese classroom is characterised as 'verbal activeness vs. mental activeness'.

[PDF]Cultural Differences and Learning Styles of Chinese and European ...
pedagogy widely regarded as outdated by current Western teaching philosophy.(Biggs & Watkins, 2001). Western educational theory currently favours a ...

Struggle For Smarts? How Eastern And Western Cultures Tackle - NPR
 Chinese schoolchildren during lessons at a classroom in Hefei, east China's Anhui province, in 2010. ... at the University of Michigan, he went to Japan to research teaching methods and found himself .... Not East Versus West.

[PDF]Chinese learning styles: Blending Confucian and Western theories
They will describe the repeated borrowing of educational philosophies from Western sources, the alignment of those philosophies with Confucian values, and ...

What are the best aspects of a western educational philosophy?

[PDF]Western and Eastern Educational Philosophies PART 1: Introduction ...
Developing a good educational system should be the focus in a nation's ... Generally, a Western philosophy of education comprises two schools, which are ...

[PDF]Part B Western and Eastern Educational Philosophies with questions.pdf
The Appraisal of Western and Eastern Educational Philosophies. The education ... Thus, agood education philosophy should be an active process,.

[PDF]Western and Eastern Education Philosophies - Online Educational ...
the aspect of students involvement within classroom activity, the technique of ... from the views ofWestern and Eastern Educational Philosophies, along with the ... consider the combination ofacademic roots in order to construct the best ...

What are the best aspects of a Chinese educational philosophy?

Tiger Mothers and their Cubs thrive in the Wester Public School Systems. WHY? Engaged parents and students that make a real sacrifice for educationa­l success.


  1. As a person with Asperger Syndrome, who was underestimated because of that and received a lot of 'positive reinforcement,' (that Ms Chua speaks so ill of) as a child, I can relate to and appreciate a lot of what Ms Chua is saying and admire her no nonsense approach to education. I disagree with her on some techniques, I do not feel drills are effective and only cause children to associate the educational experience as a negative one. I think the trick is for parents and teachers to intellectually stimulate their children and students and build a love of learning and develop a natural curiosity in each child. Pareents should start talking to their children on an intellectual level at a young age. Even before they learn Reading and Arithmetic, parents should use big words and engage their children about topics in the news and among their family and friends and involve them in decision making.

  2. I believe schools should be stricter in their standards as you say, but understand and respect their students weeknesses and should be open to different methods for students with diverse needs but also provide intellectual stimulation and respect to all students regardless of their abilities. Where I disagree with Ms Chua is that I believe children should be encouraged to make their own decisions and choose their own interests, as opposed to Ms Chua who forced her children to play Violin and Piano and would not let them join sports teams or act in plays and to not let her children watch TV or play Video games. Children need to watch TV and do whatever else other children are doing because its a way of relating to other children on a social level. If children are not familiar with the latest trends, they become easy targets for bullying. I also feel video games could prove to be of value if used in moderation. They help train kids in unexpected areas such as improving their reaction times.

  3. As a child on the Autism Spectrum, I received a lot of 'positive reinforcement' from therapists and teachers. I did not enjoy being patted on the head when I accomplished something relatively simple or being told I was special or the creative approaches to teaching, especially at the ripe old age of eleven I did not enjoy being told to pretend I was a bunny when I worked on balance with my physical therapist.


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