Saturday, June 2, 2012

Theory of Mind, Emotional Intelligence, Executive Function and Academic Success

Question one | Why is emotional intelligence a more important indicator and predictor of student academic success than IQ?

Question two | Exercise increases Brain-derived neurotrophic factor (BDNF ) and that has been shown to increase focus and memory. Should kids exercise in the morning for 20 minutes to optimize BDNF in the brain? How long does BDNF stay in your blood systems before levels decrease?

Question three | Stress causes adverse affects on learning, memory and concentration. Is Theory of Mind or Emotional Intelligence a more important trait and or ability for children to manage and even avoid stress?

Question four | Sleep deficits negatively impact mood, self control, health, memory and concentration, making ADD and ADHD more pronounced. How do you accommodate students that are night owls or are always running a sleep deficit?

Question five | What advice do you have for parents and students to improve learning, memory and focus?

Question six | Autism is the absence of Theory of Mind or the lack of connections between oneself and others. How can teachers and parents increase Theory of Mind and Executive Control to improve students learning and behavior?

Question seven | Most schools have no counseling staff or mental health professionals due to reduced budgets. What can teachers and schools do to help children that come from emotionally toxic home environment?  

Question eight | Society is becoming crasser and this has impacted the classroom learning environment. Parents are leaving more parenting tasks at the feet of teachers, expecting academically gifted students and emotionally intelligent responsible children that demonstrate self control. What should teachers do when parents are the biggest impediment to the child’s success?

Please give input and advice for teachers and parents! 

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