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PARCC Writing Assessment | CCSS ELA Writing Assessments

PARCC Writing Assessment Grade 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, and 8 | CCSS ELA Writing Assessments

The CCSS ELA PARCC writing assessment is a dual assessment, measuring reading comprehension and depth of writing knowledge. Schools districts that have compartmentalized ELA instruction are on the wrong track to help students meet the new dual CCSS ELA standards as measured? The PARCC ELA writing assessment will not be a response to prompt as in the past, students will be required to gather information from literary sources and use an extensive depth of literary knowledge to develop their writing, that synthesis of reading and writing will be assessed. The students writing will be used to score depth of writing ability, literary knowledge, and the depth of reading comprehension. That means students that are not able to read the higher level CCSS ELA books or passages are going to fail. Schools districts and teachers need to take a new path that will help students succeed, we need a new integrated model, a Finnish Model of non compartmentalized, bottom up teacher led success, and less of the top down administrative or institution led model, which has failure written into it. I spend a great deal of time researching ways to help my students, and we are going to fail if we stay on this path of rigid dogmatic pedagogy. The days of writing test prep are over, students need to learn how to read and write.  Sean

 If you can’t Read you can’t write! 

The New PARCC ELA Testing Model ! 

SampleItems for Grade 6: Excerpt from “Julie of the Wolves”
By Jean Craighead George

Question: In the passage, the author developed a strong character named Miyax.
Think about Miyax and the details the author used to create that character.
The passage ends with Miyax waiting for the black wolf to look at her.
Write an original story that continues where the passage ended.

In your story, be sure to use what you have learned about the
Character Miyax as you tell what happens to her next.

The item meets the two PARCC claims that address writing: Written Expression
And Conventions and the Knowledge of Language, as well as the claim for
Reading  Literature. Students are expected to respond to the text via
A narrative essay that extends the story based on inferences they’ve
Made about Miyak’s predicament and her character traits.

More Samples 

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