Friday, October 4, 2013

Helping Dyslexic Students Pass Reading Test!

Helping Dyslexic Students Pass Reading and Writing Test!

Helping Dyslexic students love reading and writing is the first step in meeting the goal of passing state test! It is human nature to avoid difficult task like reading and writing for most dyslexic students this seems an impossible task! Dyslexic students need to read & read & read amazing books that inspire rich visions of vivid characters, settings, and plot! Having a computer read to your child, a book on tape is not what we are talking about, reading with a compassionate copacetic partner that helps bring the books to life is one secret to helping dyslexic students love reading. Using Socratic dialogue strategies and incorporating reading comprehension stems that bring out critical thinking, that is innate in all students, is the key to passing any reading comprehension test!

The best way to help a Dyslexic student succeed is to read & read & read daily with them, any and all books for at-lest 90 minutes! One of my 6th grade dyslexic students that could not read or write at all, was one of my many time on task success stories, we read amazing stories all year as a class and we engaged in what is know coined as close reading using a Socratic seminar that is designed to illicit critical thinking. He gained a basic ability to read with the 90 plus minutes of real reading a day week and like all my students he developed an amazing ability to think! He passed his reading comprehension test at the end of the year and is a senior taking AP classes today!

Ask your school how much time do they spend on daily reading of real literature, if they are not spending an hour per day reading real literature the program needs to be examined. Most CCSS ELA reading programs spend less than 20 minutes a day reading real literature! Your child needs to be reading with someone at school and at home at least two plus hours per day. That is on task sustained reading with pauses to ask reading comprehensions STEMS! Sean

The sad fact is so many public schools are adopting poor quality CCSS ELA curriculum that is going to create a new generation of kids that hate reading! Skip the public schools, skip the mass testing, and skip the canned CCSS curriculum unless you can find a dyslexic reading teacher that makes their own curriculum using great literature! Go to the library and find books that you are going to savor, cherish, covet and read each one cover to cover with abandon! Let the reading adventure commence! 

The problem is we always want an easy fix or quick solution, helping dyslexic students learn to read and write takes a very long time and even for many like me many years.

I was told I would never learn to read or write! My mother believed the nonsense, my pragmatic father and a few wise librarians did not thank God! Sean

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