Tuesday, April 29, 2014

Students that Can't or Won't Participate?

Students that Can't or Won't Participate (engage) in School? How to Work with Students Who Have a Hard Time Engaging in School! Teachers may not be able reach and engage all students, and this is not the teachers fault. Many teachers have years where all their best tricks won't budge some students. What do you do? 

My Top Ten List to Engage ALL Students! 

  1. Cooperative Learning Groups
  2. Brain Breaks
  3. Token Economy 
  4. Model, Model, and Model desired Academic Behaviors!!! 
  5. 75% 25% Rule      Academic 75%/Enrichment 25%
  6. Beg, Beg and Beg Students to Ask Questions and Engage with the Learning!!! "My Special education teacher told me, "stupid people don't ask questions and dumb people don't ask for help"
  7. Get everyone involved with the goal of engaging the student! Calls home, parent conference, letters home, and positive administrative contact. This is virtually impossible in many schools.
  8. More Bribes! Teachers helper, Class Runner, Snack Helper, Safety Patrol, Free Time, and Yes CANDY!
  9. Close the Learning Gap! Students shut down very fast when they are socially promoted and have a 2-7 year instructional deficit!
  10. Get Tough! 

The Amazing Bill Cosby has the Solution!

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