Saturday, September 6, 2014

Skateboard STEM Science School Programs

Science, STEM and Skateboards: School programs that teaches core science and math concepts using skateboard design and production. 

Elementary, Junior and senior high-school aged students can create

their own personal skateboard deck using an internet-based curriculum provided through the program.

Students bring a program to your school. 
1. Student approaches teacher with the news of this exciting new opportunity.
2. Teacher responds positively; visits for more specific information; approaches administration with exciting new opportunity.
3. Administrators register with
4. Students independently raise the $15 participant fee through fundraising activities there they work as a team with their classmates.
5. Students watch CreateAskate video and Stuntwood video in class. They then document their height and take their first test based upon the content of the two videos.
6. Teachers order necessary materials from
7. School receives materials from
8. Teachers conduct class with curriculum; students successfully create their own personal skateboard; Certificates of Completion are awarded.
9. Teachers beam with pride knowing their students have learned so much more than just how to make a skateboard deck.
10. Students beam with pride knowing they’re capable of making something with their own hands, which is so much more than just making a skateboard deck.
11. Administrators and parents are happy to see students engaged and involved in school activities.

This is the Science, Technology, Engineering, Art and Mathematics (STEAM) Club LOGO I designed for my school, to raise interest in starting a Skateboard STEAM Club this year! 

Bill Nye on The Importance of Science, Teacher Passion and Common Core! 

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