Thursday, October 23, 2014

Spiraling Math Models CCSS

Spiraling Math Models CCSS Weekly Review

Bruner proposed the spiral curriculum (Spiraling Curriculum Models), a teaching approach in which each subject or skill area is revisited at intervals (spirals), at a more sophisticated level each time. Bruner's spiral curriculum draws heavily from pedagogical observation to create a learning structure that helps students learn in a more efficient way. First there is s basic introduction of skills or knowledge of a subject, then more sophistication is added, reinforcing the same principles that were initially taught.

Bruner also believes learning should be spurred by interest in the material rather than tests or punishment, since we learn best when we find the knowledge we're obtaining appealing. Our School dropped Everyday Math, that is one of the best math programs hands down in my opinion. I am developing a series of Smart board Slides to put spiraling curriculum back in my daily lessons. Sean Taylor 

Developing weekly or daily spiraling math lessons plans can be used to help students review, revisit and introduce more sophisticated math concepts. Your lessons should be formative in nature and build critical skills through repeated exposure. Weekly CCSS Spiraling MATH Review Smartboard Slides I Am Developing! 

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