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DOK Level 4 Reading Test Questions | DOK Level 4 Reading Test Question Items

DOK Level 4 Reading Comprehension Test Questions | Two Part Reading Comprehension Questions.  Technology Enhanced Constructed Response, and or Constructed Response Questions (TECR) are examples of DOK level 3 questions structures. DOK Level 2 Reading comprehension questions, Grid-select or Multi-Select Response Test Questions are examples of DOK level 2 questions structures | Technology Enhanced Reading Comprehension Test Items are the New DOK level 2/3 Rigorous Higher Order Thinking Questions on Common Core Assessments that can be impossible for many students to answer without weekly practice. The DOK level 2 and DOK level 3 reading comprehension questions use the Technology Enhanced Structures to test students thinking at the deepest or highest levels required by Common Core and College and Career Ready Goals.
Reading Comprehension Test Questions Samples DOK Levels 1, 2, 3, and 4
DOK Level 2, 3 and 4 Sample Questions English Language Arts Assessment for Grades 3-8
Developing Higher Order Thinking QuestionsBased on Webb’s DOK Content Complexity
ACT Aspire Exemplar reading TEST questions DOK Levels 
Extended Thinking/Reasoning – Depth of Knowledge (DOK) Level 4
Depth-of-Knowledge Levels for Four Content Areas

DOC]Depth-of-Knowledge Level Descriptors for Reading

Reading Comprehension Response Mechanism and Question Structures Guide to the Sample Tests
1. One‐Part Hot Text
2. Multiple Choice
3. Open Response
4. Multi‐Select
5. Evidence‐Based Selected Response
6. Two‐Part Hot Text
7. Editing Task Questions
8. Technology Enhanced Constructed Response (TECR)
9. Grid Select
10. Prose Constructed Response (PCR)
11. ELA-Applied Skills: ConstructedResponse, Extended-Response

(EBSR) Evidence Based Selected Response Test Questions Samples

Evidence-Based Selected Response (EBSR) Questions identified as EBSR Reading Test Questions are EVIDENCE BASED SELECTED RESPONSE ITEMS

EBSR Sample Questions and Task Models 4th
Sample Questions and Task Models 5th
Sample Questions and Task Models 6th
Sample Questions and Task Models 7th
Sample Questions and Task Models 8th

Sample Items English language arts with some (EBSR) Evidence Based Selected Response Test Questions

Hot Text One/Two-Part Reading Test Questions
Hot Text One/Two-Part Reading Test Questions Requires students to select words/phrases or sentences; identify what a setting/illustration contributes to the plot; select from multiple choices; select information from the text that supports your answer

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