Monday, December 5, 2016

Tier 2 Academic Vocabulary Test Vocabulary

Tier 2 Academic “Question” Vocabulary and Phrases Test Analysis for Grade 4 and 5

Students will fail all or most TerraNova, STAAR, SAT, FCAT,
PARCC, SBAC Smarter Balance, and Common Core reading assessment if they do not understand the tier 2 academic vocabulary and phrasing used on reading comprehension test questions! 

This is a quick look at the tier 2 vocabulary found in grade 4 and 5 reading assessment. 

facts, figures ”data”, statement, supports, phrase, detail, demonstrate, suggest, summarizes, function, evidence, structural elements, opposite, react, provides evidence, character trait, quotation, theme[s], explanation, explains, mainly organized, article, structure in the answer, difference between, best describes, understand the meaning, statements describe, main idea, best summary, best supports, events, phrase best describes, main character[s], main theme, article provides evidence, key details, which two sentences, include, author uses evidence, which evidence, narrator’s, contribute, comparison, phrase...mean, overall structure, refer, main difference between, which two details, narrator’s point of view, influence the events, provide overall structure of the passage, two main ideas, which two quotations, select two details, two pieces of evidence, challenge, most influence, narrator’s point of view, statement explains, provides support, expresses the main idea, provides evidence, author used evidence, main reason, narrator’s attitude towards, gradual change, development of the plot, similar way, statement expresses theme, according to the author, central idea, author’s primary purpose, author makes the claim, main strategy, develop the claim, supports the idea, choose a central idea, which piece of evidence, intend to support, best states a theme, which option describes, as it is used, relationship between, author develops … point of view, and emphasize a common central idea.

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