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Highly Succesful Schools, Develope and Revise School Improvement Plans Yearly! (SIP)

Turning around a school's low or failing academic performance requires trust, faith, smart hard work, and quality engagement from parents, students, administrators, and teachers. Turning around a school's low academic performance starts with a comprehensive needs assessment that guides and informs short and long-term school improvement planning.

"In the real world, there is never enough money to meet all needs. Needs assessments are conducted to help program planners identify and select the right job before doing the job right." 

Researching strategies that work, setting BIG goals, vertically aligning critical developmental benchmarks, monitoring progress and reporting data. A School Improvement Plan (SIP), is a working document that all shareholders use to plan and implement High-quality instructional practice and increase engagement to raise achievement for all of its students. The School Improvement Plan defines the school's SMART goals and objectives to increase engagement and raise achievement for all students. These plans are only effective if they are used as a working document that all stakeholders are invested in. They should be the driving force behind real change in every community, school, and classroom. Hope is not a tactic for academic success, without explicit short and long term planning schools are constantly chasing their tails or looking for the quick fixes. 

  1. ALL Stakeholders are Part of the Process (Parents, Students, Administrators, and Teachers Must ALL buy in!)
  2. Family and Community Engagement and Support
  3. Comprehensive Needs Assesment with Honest Reporting 
  4. School Mission Statment and Grade Level Mission Statements, Beliefs and Big SMART Goals are shared, promoted and celebrated!
  5. Effective and flexible school-based leadership 
  6. Comprehensive ongoing progress monitoring (Student achievement data drives instruction)
  7. High-quality instructional practice
  8. High-quality professional development
  9. SIP is a Working Document that is Revised Annually 

  10. [PDF]School Improvement Planning: What's Missing?Our specific concerns are about how current school improvement planning .... assessing whatt ends to be missing in school improvement planning guides.

    [PDF]Strategies for Community Engagement in School Turnaround
    =Mar 10, 2014 - report to describe State and school district efforts to turn around ... academic achievement, attendance and behavior . ... for families, required parent volunteer time and workshops to help ... strategies that included parent/community liaisons, teacher/parent ... student achievement at schools engaged in the.

    [PDF]Turning Around Low-Performing Schools (PDF) - U.S. Department of ...
    We have worked to raise academic standards, promote accountability, ... turn around low-performing schools and help students in them get a better education. ... student performance standards, aligning teacher development, curriculum, .... around low-performing schools requires that state and district leaders take active ..

[PDF]Comprehensive Needs Assessment
Comprehensive. Needs Assessment. Title I Statewide School Support/Parental. Involvement Initiative.

[PDF]Conducting a Comprehensive Needs Assessment - Virginia ...
A needs assessment is the first step in developing a schoolwide or school improvement plan. It is a process of looking at data and information about the school to develop a clear picture and understanding of what is and has been occurring at the school.
[PDF]school improvement: a systemic view of what's missing and what to do ...
barriers to learning and teaching, we clarify what is missing in school— improvement planning“ We move on to outline the type ofcomprehen~ sive, multifaceted ...

[PDF]Turning around, transforming, and continuously improving schools - Eric
by H Adelman - ‎2011 - ‎Cited by 12 - ‎Related articlesauxiliary services and usually as an afterthought. For our policy analysis of the problem with this trend, see. School Improvement Planning: What's Missing?

[PDF]School Improvement Planning - A Handbook for Principals - Ontario
people who are developing a school improvement plan will find useful during the planning ... version of the handbook—as both an HTML and a PDF file. In this ...

[PDF]School Improvement Planning Process Guide - Office of ...
Jan 1, 2005 - School Improvement Planning. Process Guide. Prepared by. The School Improvement Office. Robert MacGregor. Assistant Superintendent ...

[PDF]School Improvement Plan - Aberdeen Public School
0. 2015-2017. Central High. School. School Improvement. Plan .... administrators have joined to form aSchool Improvement Planning Committee.

[PDF]Best Practices for School Improvement Planning - Hanover Research
Section I: Essential Components of a School Improvement Plan . ..... 6. [3] Park, S., et al.,

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