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Peer Critique Protocols

Peer Critique Protocols 

Using "nonjudgmental" peer critique protocols that develops the
students ability to give and receive meaningful feedback, that supports their academic growth and the growth of peers, creates students that are life long problem solvers. Your students will greatly improve their writing and other work by recognizing their strengths and weaknesses and the strengths and weaknesses of others. Giving and receiving critical feedback is the key to becoming erudite scholars. Giving critical feedback and receiving critical feedback helps students become better "Problem Solvers", critical feedback is all about finding a better, stringer, or more proficient way! Critical feedback is about being hard on the work not the person.

The Power of Critique and Redrafting


1. Be Kind: Always treat others with dignity and respect. This means we never use words that are hurtful, including sarcasm.

2. Be Specific and Truthful: Focus on particular strengths and weaknesses, rather than making general comments like “It’s good” or “I like it.” Provide insight into why it is good or what, specifically, you like about it. 

  • “This part is very clear, yet this part is unclear….”
  • “I notice the details are not very clear….”
  • “I suggest….”
  • “I notice….”
  • “I wonder if this way….”
  • “If this were my work, I would….”

3. Be Helpful and Supportive: The goal is to positively contribute to the individual or the group, not to simply be heard. Echoing the thoughts of others or cleverly pointing out details that are irrelevant wastes time.
4. Participate: Peer critique is a process to support each other, and your feedback is valued!

Five Best Practices for Effective,yet Sensitive Critiques
Admit and Exit Tickets Protocol
Peer Critique Protocol - EngageNY DOC
Peer Critique Protocol

Student To Student Feedback Strategies - Teaching Channel
Strategy for student to student feedback for any grade level. Using sentence frames, students can critique other students' work with valuable feedback.

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Some strategies are particularly suited to younger students, where often the ... way of communicating to students that they wish them to provide peer feedback.

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Formative Instructional Practices- Feedback strategies. Feedback ... Feedback is the means by which teachers enable students to 'close the gap' in order to take.

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Teacher feedback must be informative and encouraging for students to ... eventually developstrategies for tackling weak points themselves.

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Actionable Feedback Strategies for the Classroom. • Picture and Symbol Cues. Young students who may not be readers can benefit from visual cues that help ..

Peer Critique Guidelines
We encourage these habits and skills at PLU, and ask you to "Peer Review" (review and critique each other's work, especially in draft form) in many classes. Peer Review is taken seriously: your role is to help the author improve the piece and the quality of work it represents.

Peer Critique: Two Strategies for Getting Students to Give Feedback
One of the activities I most struggle with as an instructor of visual communications is getting students to give thoughtful and detailed critiques of ...

[DOC]Peer Critique
Peer Critique: Writing is a challenge for everyone. From academic papers to creative writing even seasoned writers experience difficulty and frustration.

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Peer Critique Assignment Description. Objectives. By writing peer critiques, students should refine their abilities to: • Critically analyze all aspects of speech ...

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Peer critiques during the draft stage of an essay are of great help to college students. The following guidelines will help students perform a thoughtful critique of ...

[DOC]English 271, Peer Critique - NDSU
Intensive Peer Critique. Essay writer's name ... Critique your classmate's draft with your Tyson text close by. And, of course, let the writer know what ...

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