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Grade 3, 4, 5, and 6 Math PERCENTAGE GAIN, PROFIT AND LOSS WORD PROBLEMS | Editable PERCENTAGE MATH Story Problems | Two Step Percentage word Problems

1. Victor sold 2 Batman watches for $30 each: on one he gained 25%, and on the other he lost 25%: how much did he 
gain/profit or lose by the sale?

2. Kaylen bought a mint Hello Kitty watch for $18, which was 20%, more than its value: She sold it at 100%, more than its value: what sum did she 
3. Sandy sold her horse for $350, there was a loss of 20%: Part A. What was the original purchase price? Part B. what would have been the gain/profit or percentage of profit by selling the horse for $630?

4. Eric sold Victor a very attractive Batman watch for $100, by which he gained 25 percent: what percent, would he have gained by selling it for $120?

5. Abraham sold 10 oranges for $4.00 and gained 50%: how much did each orange cost initially?

6. Heidi sold her customized skateboard for $141, and gained 75%: what did she pay for it?

7. Mariana bought a precious Orangeglo Watermelon for $3.00, and sold it for $5.00 dollars: what percent, did she gain ?

8. Vashtie
 bought a peculiar tent for $150, and sold it for $40: what was the per cent, of loss ? 

9. Fernando bought a watch for $40, and sold it for $60: what percent, did he gain ?

10. Vanessa bought a colt for $2,500, and sold it for $210,000 after dressage training: what percent, did she gain?

11. A keg of cherry soda holding 5 gal., lost 6 qt by a thirsty crew of kindergartners: what was the loss percent?

12. By selling saladitos and lemons at 75 ct. each, Leheny
 cleared 100% of the initial cost: what percent, would she have cleared by selling them at $1.00 each ? 

13. Fashion designer Lilly frequently bought cloth at the rate of 6 yd. for $30, and sold it at the rate of 5 yd. for $40: what percent, did she gain?

14. Mariana sold cherry melons at $4 each, and lost 20% of the initial cost: what percent, would she have lost by selling them at 3 for $10: what per cent would he have gained by selling them at 2 for $10?

15. Leheny
 bought a lot of Ponderosa lemons, at the rate of 120 for $30; but finding them damaged, she sold them at the rate of 120 for $20: what per cent, did she lose? 

16. Mr. Taylor sold a rare invisible watch for $120, and gained 200 percent: what was the initial cost?

17. Kato bought a truckload of oranges for $100, and in selling them gained 250 percent: how much did he gain ?

18. Elizabeth having a clowder of 40 kittens, sold 25 percent, of them: how many did she have left?

19. A herd of 50 deer increases 10 percent, in one year : how many are then in the herd in one year? In five years? In ten years?

20. Angelica having $200, spent 10 percent, for Easter candy, and 25 percent, of the remainder for Eater dinner: how much did she pay for the Eater Holiday?

21. A wise 4th grader met some eager 1st graders, if she gave each of them 3 books, she would have 12 books left, but if she wanted to give each of them 5 books, she would not have enough books, by exactly 8: how many eager 1st graders were there?

22. Mr. Taylor wishes to distribute some books among his new students; if he gives each of them 2 books, he will have 9 left; but if he gives each 4 books, he will have 3 left: how many students does he have?

23. Mia wishes to divide some cherries from her orchard among her friends; she finds that if she gives each of them 5 baskets, she will have 21 left; but if she gives each 8 baskets, she will have none left: how many friends does she have?

Multiplication Word Problems

1. Jordan bought 4 baseball caps at $5.50 each, 4 shirts at $13 each, and 3 pair of shorts at $15 each: how much did everything cost?

2. Voshtie and Quetzali start hiking from the same place and travel in the same direction; one hikes, 5 miles an hour; the other hikes, 7 miles an hour: how far will they be apart in 10 hours?

3. Kato and Abraham start running from the same place and travel in opposite directions: one travels 8 miles an hour, the other travels 9 miles an hour: how far will they be apart at the end of 1 hours? 2 hours? And 3 hours?

4. If a computer scientist man can earn $1,600 in 1 week, how many thousands of dollars can she earn in 8 weeks? In 52 weeks?

5. If $900 worth of camping provisions last 9 girl scouts 12 days, how many girl scouts total will it sustain for one day?

6. Celena a computer science major went shopping with a $1,500 scholarship; she bought 4 computer science text books at $120 each; 1pair of VR360 goggles at $195; and a VR360 camera for $275: what did she spend in total, and how much did she have left?

7. If a high school graduate earns 49 dollars a day, and a college graduate earns 203 dollars per day, how much will both earn individually in 5 days? 20 days? 100 days? 300 days?

8. Paul bought a rare Pokémon Holofoil card at the swap meet for 30 cents and sold it on eBay for $18.50: what would he have made if he had 12 rare cards, and sold them at the same rate as the first?

9. If 12 horses can be sustained in a 100 acre pasture for 10 months, how many horses will it feed for 1 month?

10. Mr. Teach the pirate bought a cask of tasty root beer containing 20 gallons, at 2 gold doubloons a gallon; 5 gallons having leaked out in transport, she sold the remainder at 4 gold doubloons a gallon: how much did she make?

11. A stage coach departs from Tucson, and travels at the rate of 8 miles per hour: at the same time, a locomotive departs from Tucson, and travels in the same direction, 24 miles per hour: how far will they be apart at the end of 12 hours?

12. Ady bought 10 pounds of green tea at 70 dollars a pound; after using 2 pounds, she sold the remainder at 14 dollars a pound: how much did the 3 pounds which she used cost her in the end?

13. Lalheny bought 6 gallons of Rocky Road supreme ice cream for her dolceria, at 8 dollars a gallon; she sold the first 4 quarts, at 5 dollars a quart, and the next 3 quarts, at 4 dollars a quart, and the remaining quarts at 3 dollars a quart: how much did I make in profit?

14. If Vanessa a computer programmer earns $3,500 per month, and spends $519 a week on food, rent, utilities, and expenses, how much will she save in 4 weeks? How much can she save in 8 weeks?

15. Kaleb has 15 comic books, and his older brother has five times as many, less the 6 he gave his cousin: how many books do Kaleb and his brother have in total?

16. If Mariana a game developer employed one computer programmer for 6 weeks, at 700 dollars a week, and another for 5 days, at 200 dollars a day: how much did she have to pay both?

17. Alexea bought a baby goat for 110 dollars and paid six times as much for a pony: how much did both cost her?

Division Word Problems

1. If Erick can travel 9 miles in an hour on his skateboard, how many hours will it take him to travel 36 miles?

2. Elizabeth gave $2,800 for a Ramuda, at $200 a head: how many horses did she buy?

3. Amaya earned $186 doing chores on her family farm: if she spends $15 a week on books, how long will it last?

4. If Victor shared 72 oranges equally among 9 boys, how many oranges will each boy receive? How many oranges will each boy receive if the total numbers of oranges was tripled?

5. If Lilly travels10 miles in a half hour on her bike, how many hours will she travel on a 40 mile ride? How many hours will she travel on a 70 mile ride?

6. At 36 cents each, how many lemons can Marriah buy for 4 dollars? How many at 18 cents each? If she sells them for 50 cents each how much profit will she make at 36 cents each, and 18 cents each?

7. Five DVDs cost 35 dollars, how much is that individually? What is the sale price of each DVD when they are 50% off?

8. If 6 Pokémon "Trainer cards" are worth one "Holofoil card", how many "Holofoil cards" can you get for 30 "Trainer cards"? For 42 "Trainer cards"? For 54 "Trainer cards"? For 60 "Trainer cards"?

9. If Kitty can build an android in 42 days, how many days will it take 7 girls to build it? For 4 girls to build it? For 14 girls to build it?

10. Ten women bought an amusement park for $600,000: how much did each one pay?

11. An apple orchard contains 20 rows of trees, and 6 trees in each row ; if the farmer added 5 more rows, how many trees would there be in total?

12. If purchase lemons at the rate of 2 for 60 cents, and sell 17 lemons for 48 cents each, how much profit do she gain?

13. If Felix can eat a certain quantity of provisions in 56 days, how many days will it last 7 people?

14. Sandy, Keylen, Lilly, and Mia bought a quarter horses for $23,036: how much did each one pay?

15. Alex paid $10.80 for 14 antlions: how much was that apiece?

16. Heidi earns $3,600 in 12 weeks: how much is that a week? How much a day, allowing 5 working days to the week?

17. Angelica's family of 5 people spends $4,000 in 5 months on expenses, how much would maintain them in 8 months, if 3 more family members were added?

18. At the beginning of the year, Angelica stated a cupcake business with a capital of $6,000: four months later, Lilly formed a partnership with Angelica, and invested $600 in the bakery: the profit/gain for the year was $2,500: what was each one's share of the profit?

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