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Grade 2 Class 2 Reading Comprehension Passages

Grade 2 Targeted Reading Comprehension Passages

Free Reading Comprehension assessment passages for 2nd Grade with answer keys and targeted tutorials. Free second-grade reading comprehension resources, online reading readiness activities, and fun reading skills activities. Fun free online reading activities for developing academic reading skills needed to succeed in 2nd grade!

Grade 2 Class 2

Setting, Sequence, Characters, Details, Classify and Categorize, Plot, Main idea, Alphabetize, Follow Directions, Abbreviations, Locate Information, Cause and Effect, Make Inferences.

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The Mixed-Up Chameleon - Locate Information

Get Up and Go! - Locate Information

Henry and Mudge Under the Yellow Moon - Locate Information

Days With Frog and Toad - Compare and Contrast

Wilson Sat Alone - Narrative Elements (Plot, Setting, Character)

The Enormous Turnip - Sequence

Helping Out - Main Idea

Mr. Putter and Tabby Fly the Plane - Abbreviations

Hedgehog Bakes a Cake - Synonyms

Hedgehog Bakes a Cake - Follow Directions

Johnny Appleseed - Details

The Secret Life of Trees - Follow Directions

Watermelon Day - Make Inferences

Imagine That!

The Day Jimmy's Boa Ate the Wash - Cause and Effect

How I Spent My Summer Vacation - Cause and Effect

Dear Mr. Blueberry - Make Inferences

Cool Ali - Antonyms

Neighborhood News

The Pine Park Mystery - Narrative Elements (Plot, Setting, Character)

Good-bye, Curtis - Contractions

Max Found Two Sticks - Multiple - Meaning Word

Anthony Reynoso: Born to Rope - Summarize/Restate

Chinatown - Details

Travel Time

Beginner`s World Atlas - Locate Information

Montigue on the High Seas - Homophones

3rd-grade reading skills 

Officer Buckle and Gloria - Decode Long Words
Pepita Talks Twice - Narrative Elements
Pepita Talks Twice - Use a Dictionary
Nate the Great, San Francisco Detective - Decode Long Words
Allie`s Basketball Dream - Narrative Elements
Turtle Bay - Author`s Purpose
Turtle Bay - Classify and Categorize
Balto, the Dog Who Saved Nome - Word Relationships
Wild Shots, They're My Life - Author's Purpose
Little Grunt and the Big Egg - Word Relationships
Rosie, A Visiting Dog's Story - Decode Long Words
The Stories Julian Tells - Sequence
The Stories Julian Tells - Follow Directions
The Talent Show - Prefixes and Suffixes
The Talent Show - Draw Conclusions
Centerfield Ballhawk - Sequence
Ramona Forever - Prefixes and Suffixes
Sayings We Share - Narrative Elements
Papa Tells Chita a Story - Summarize
Papa Tells Chita a Story - Figurative Language
Coyote Places the Stars - Compare and Contrast
Why Mosquitoes Buzz in People`s Ears - Summarize
Lon Po Po - Compare and Contrast
The Crowded House - Author's Purpose
Leah`s Pony - Fact and Opinion
Yippee-Yay! - Main Idea and Details
Yippee-Yay! - References and Resources
Boom Town - Fact and Opinion
Cocoa Ice - Compare and Contrast
If You Made a Million - Main Idea and Details
I`m in Charge of Celebrations - Summarize
Alejandro`s Gift - Cause and Effect
Rocking and Rolling - Locate Information
Rocking and Rolling - Graphic Aids
The Armadillo from Amarillo - Cause and Effect
Visitors from Space - Locate Information

1st Grade Reading Skills 

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