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Can Teaching Students Close, Critical, or Analytical Reading Strategies help Students Pass Difficult Reading Test? What are the Real Effects and Results of Close Reading on Reading Comprehension Tests?  

Analysis of reading passages starts with strategies. 

1. What does the title tell you? Is this a persuasive text, expository text, narrative text, or technical text?

2. Skim the text and label/annotate the headings, titles, subheadings, pictures, diagrams, captions, and any text features. 

3. Read the text closely and annotate each paragraph seeking the main ideas, themes, mood, tone, points of view...Annotate in the margins and take notes. Read the first and last sentence of each paragraph and find the main ideas. 

4. Read the question carefully and circle 1 or 2 keywords/clues in the questions and one keyword/clue in each of the multiple choice questions or distractor choices. 

5. Skim the text and find the exact text or passage that supports your first answer choice or conclusion. 

6. Investigate and eliminate the 2 or 3 distractors or DECEIVERS with the same close reading strategies. Distractors are designed to fool the passive reader. 

7. Annotate and X-OUT the distractors, why are they wrong and what is your proof/evidence?

8. Find and prove your answer using text evidence and circle the correct answer and highlight it!

[PDF]Close Reading Guide 
All ELA standards that are measured on the GED® RLA test focus on three key shifts or ... The strategies and skills embedded in the standards are essential for the GED ... order to understand the importance of close reading and what it looks like. ..... PDF) provides examples of how a student may annotate informational texts ...

[PDF]A Close Look at Close Reading (PDF)
Close reading is thoughtful, critical analysis of a text that focuses on significant details or patterns in ...Close read-worthy texts include enough complex ideas worthy of exploring and discussing to sustain one or .... Think-Pair-Share to check u.

[PDF]Close Reading - NH Adult Education
three pieces of text from the HiSet Language Arts Reading Practice Test are located on ... Context Clues: Giving students strategies to use to find the hints that.

[PDF]Close Reading, Vocabulary, and Text Dependent Questions
Three Key Strategies to. Implement ... What does Close Reading Look Like in ... •Text to Itself. •Text to Text- Needed for NYS. Exam. •Text to World- Real Goal ...

[PDF]A Closer Look at Close Reading - GCPS
the words we encounter when reading. For exam- ple, a small amount of re- search might be ... Close reading is not a new strategy for Gwinnett County students.

[PDF]Literary Passages: Close Reading -
text marking is to help students internalize an effective close-reading strategy, not .... Check that students understand how to mark the text using the various icons.

[PDF]Teaching Through Close Reading: Historical and ... - America in Class
meet state testing issues? ➢ I would like to learn more about techniques for active reading. ➢ What arestrategies to effectively break up long readings to ...

[PDF]How Close Reading Influences Reading Comprehension by Laura ...
that students used close reading strategies to make meaning out of the text and used ...... Previously, students took the Arizona Instrument to Measure Standards test, or the AIMS ...... More than one methodological procedure can be applied to.

PDF]Close Reading - NH Adult Education
Close Reading in the classroom: videos at different grade levels a. 4th grade: ... Context Clues: Giving students strategies to use to find the hints that authors use to ... Literacy activities and reading comprehension resources designed for ...

[PDF]How Close is Close Reading? - Texas Association for Literacy Education
Close Reading is a strategy that can be used to understand challenging text (Boyles, ... to incorporate close Reading strategies and activities into the daily lessons. .....

[PDF]close reading strategies - Bureau of Education & Research
Close reading strategies that address text complexity and how it changes the ... h Sample lesson plans for close reading fiction, informational text and poetry to ...

[PDF]A Close Look at Close Reading (PDF)
Diving right into the text with limited pre-reading activities ... Close read-worthy texts include enough complex ideas worthy of exploring and discussing to.

lessons. Without exception, teachers noted that ample time provided for students to talk with ... literacy strategies that complement the close reading method.

Select text worthy of close reading, and study the text to plan the lesson. 2. Make close ... Circling specific items is also an effective close reading strategy.

[PDF]Four Lessons for Introducing the Fundamental Steps of Close Reading
Reading strategies involved in the fourth reading include making text connections, ... Here are four lessons that gradually introduce students to close reading.

[PDF]Close Reading in the Common Core Classroom - Framingham State ...
Participants will compare close reading strategies by viewing various sample lessons ... Participants will develop two close reading lesson plans that align with the ....

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