Wednesday, July 11, 2018

Number Talks: Building Number-Sense and Mathematical Reasoning

Number Talks are a great anticipatory set for building number-sense, introducing new heuristic math strategies, and developing deeper mathematical reasoning. The development of mathematical heuristics, or mathematical rules of thumb, greatly improves a student's ability to solve more complex math equations and multistep word problems. Daily Math Talks can be used to front-load or review math concepts that reinforce or stretch a student's math problem-solving abilities. With teacher-students and student-student collaboration and guidance, the Zone of Proximal Development for learning is greatly expanded. Math Talks are a Socratic math dialectic that is designed to build critical thinking in mathematics and a safe harbor for students to try and test new mathematical strategies and problem-solving. 

Gersten and Chard say number sense "refers to a child's fluidity and flexibility with numbers, the sense of what numbers mean and an ability to perform mental mathematics and to look at the world and make comparisons."
13 Heuristic Math Strategies: Singapore Math Method

[PDF]Number Talks
Developing Number Sense and Math. Vocabulary through. Number Talks. Jane Osborne

[PDF]Making Number Talks Matter—Resources by Chapter
 Number Talks Build Numerical Reasoning ..... talks on first grade students' number sense.

[PDF]What is a Number Talk? - Rhodes University
Number Talks Build Numerical Reasoning” (Sherry Parrish, 2011). How can educators make shifts in their instructional practices that foster sense making ...

[PDF]Silent Signals - Wisconsin Mathematics Council
Number Talks: Helping Children Build Mental Math and Computation Strategies. ... .... Number sense is the foundation for all higher-level mathematics (Feikes ...

[PDF]Number Talks - Liberty County School System
Building Mental Math and Computation Strategies while ... How can I use Number Talks to build student mathematical fluency and number sense while.

[PDF]What is a Number Talk.pdf
ability to reason about quantitative information, possess number sense, ... ing efficient, flexible, and accurate computation strategies that build upon the key ...

[PDF]What Are Number Talks?

[PDF]Middle Level Routines
Sense of the relative size and value of very large and very small numbers .... Routines are an excellent opportunity to build on-going rich practice into the ... Number Strings. Number. Talks. Concepts of. Equality. Thinking. Relationally. Math.

[PDF]Improving Number Sense Using Number Talks - Digital Collections ...
classroom on number sense/critical thinking in mathematics. ... the teaching of math through number talks, in addition to their regular math instruction. ..... their students with ample opportunities to engage in number sense building activities.

[PDF]Participant Guide for Number Talks - CESA #4
Building Number Sense First. Understanding the Progression of Skills. Number Talksand Mental Math. Sharing Best Practices from ...

[PDF]KINDERGARTEN Number and Number Sense - Virginia Department ...
Number and Number Sense Module – Kindergarten ... and use linking cubes to build a tower to represent their numbers. After the towers are built, the ..... Come back together as a class and talkabout how students might know that they found.

[PDF]Developing Number Sense and Conceptual Understanding through ...
Developing Number Sense and Conceptual Understanding through Number Talks and Manipulatives is a new endeavor of the Columbus Regional ...

[PDF]Number Talks Grades 3-5 Resources -
with two or multi-digit numbers. In addition to developing efficient computation strategies, Number Talks encourages students to make sense of mathematics, ...

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