Thursday, October 11, 2018

Types of Student Engagement

Student “Types of Student Engagement” Focus

Student engagement presents itself in many shapes, forms and degrees for the positive or negative. The student's educational attitudes, adaptability, creativity, values, beliefs, interests, curiosity, competency levels, and resiliency play the biggest roles in a student engagement. The degree of resiliency, inquisitiveness, focus, curiosity, adaptability, creativity, interest, optimism, commitment and passion that a student demonstrates when they are learning and working will be the key to deep and lifelong learning. “It is your attitude, more than your aptitude, that will determine your altitude.” Students that are not engaged and not committed will be a drain on the learning community. Motivation, curiosity, commitment, and resiliency will transform learners and help them thrive in all their educational endeavors.

Radical “Herculean” Focus
“                                                                       ”
Obsessed, Inquisitive, passionate, committed, adaptable, creative, fascinated, inspired, resilient, and radically curious about creating a physical, spiritual, and or intellectual metamorphosis in themselves and others. Always seeking the invaluable truth. Redressing inequalities of the forgotten, neglected and oppressed. Seeking the wisdom and knowledge that strengthens and transforms themselves to be bold in thought, deeds, and goals, ultimately transforming their world!
Radical “Adroit Supremacy” Attention

Obsessive Commitment & Radical Engagement
Socratic “Erudite” Focus
“Meticulously training their minds to be brilliant!”
Inquisitive, fascinated, reflective, insightful, and greatly curious, seeking the venerable truth of sagacious wisdom. Using Socratic logic and great inquisitive fervor to uncover the truth from the untruth, biases, and the illogical in themselves and the world they live in. Seeking brilliant personal insights and esoteric wisdom, transforming themselves and their world understanding.
Scholarly “Adroit” Attention

Fervent Commitment & Brilliant “Socratic” Engagement
Mindful “Attentive” Focus
“This is insightful and fascinating!”
Interested, enthusiastic, fascinated, reflective, insightful, and deeply curious about the world they live in and their place in it! Intrinsically focused on learning from the wisdom of others and learning from their own struggles, failures, and triumphs. Training their minds to be resilient, insightful, present, and nonbiased.
Undivided “Nobile” Attention

Insightful Commitment & Outstanding Engagement
Tactical “Extrinsic” Focus
“What do I get when I am Done?”
Interested in grades/rewards, wants to avoid consequences, sees great value in extrinsic rewards and will abandon work or projects if they fail or no reward is offered! May appear to be dynamically and enthusiastically interested when a reward is offered. Highly biased and judgmental.
Calculated “Compliant” Attention

Measured Commitment & Low-High Engagement
Average “Biased” Focus
“This might be interesting?”
Interested usually in the outlandish, silly, bizarre, and crazy! Filtering and judging what is worth their time, interest, and focus. Low or no attention span for difficult or rigorous tasks. Loses interest when critical thinking is required.
“Ineffectual” Attention

Low Commitment &
Poor-Good Engagement
Fake “Phony” Focus
“What is the point?”
Lost and dwelling in their own minds (wishing, dreaming, ruminating, regretting, fearing) not yet fully aware of the wonders and treasures knowledge and learning have to offer.
Insincere Attention

No Commitment &
No-Poor Engagement
 Hopeless “Rebellious” Focus
“I feel hopeless and helpless”
Lost in their own sadness, hopelessness, helplessness, anger, and or fear!
Impertinent Attention

No Commitment

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