Monday, August 23, 2010

Teacher Evaluations vs. Students Performance

95% of teachers in high poverty schools receive exemplary performance
evaluations from theirs administrators even when up to 20-30% of the students
they serve can't meet basic standards! If we operated hospitals with that
performance record they would last a week before the malpractice lawsuits
shut them down. Your thoughts?


  1. I heard someone say we should treat teachers like we treat doctors. My first thought was "you mean sue them for malpractice?"

    The disconnect in the Reform Wars simply staggers the imagination.

  2. 70% of my class comes to me not able to read at a basic level, so I stop all extraneous instruction and teach literacy the first 20-30 days to redress that huge problem. And my students love the rigorous learning environment. Thanks freducate for the post. My Blog is almost two months old and I am trying to get the word out about Reading Boot Camp. Sean Taylor Teacher


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