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Harry Potter Reading Lessons: Reading Comprehension

Harry Potter Reading and Writing Lessons: How to Build Reading Comprehension Using Harry Potter and the Sorcerer's Stone By J.K. Rowling. Intermediate students that develop the response to literature or journaling and summarization skills process the reading fully.

Response to Literature and Journaling: Paired students or individual student work on one aspect of the writing process. BRAINSTORMING, PRE-WRITING, DRAFTING, REVISING, EDITING AND PUBLISHING. Response to Literature or Journaling as you read is the most effective way of understanding a work of literature and strengthening understanding of the writing process at the same time. With journaling you integrate reading and writing instruction, students will relate to the story/text more completely, they will deepen their knowledge of the ideas, themes, opinions, conflicts, settings, images, conversations, characters, and interesting facts.

6th Grade Students Journal Entries: Harry Potter and the Sorcerer's Stone By J.K. Rowling

Chapter 11 Quidditch

Vocabulary: Hogwarts, Witchcraft, Wizardry, Quidditch,

Setting : Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry, 

Characters: Harry Potter,  Ron Weasly, Hermione Granger, 
and Professor Snape  


     Harry learns to play the exciting new team sport Quidditch. The New Quidditch season begins at Hogwarts, and Harry's first season is about to begin. Harry will play in his first match against his enemies Slytherin. To prepare, Harry and Hermione study Quidditch Through the Ages. The Quidditch match begins with Harry unsure of his ability on his new broom. Harry is the Seeker for the team, he must track down and capture a golden marble with wings called the Golden Snitch. The Golden Snitch buzzes Harry and darts of towards the fans. The Slytherin Seeker knocks past harry and is penalized. Harry’s broom starts bucking wildly and flies around uncontrollably. Hermione sees Snape is doing magic with his wand towards Harry, chanting a spell and forcing Harry to dive and almost crash. The Weasley twins dart over to rescue Harry, Hermione runs to Professor Snapes bleachers and lights his robe on fire. The enchanted broom is back in Harry's control yet busted. Harry drops to the ground and crashes, and miraculously capturing the Golden Snitch. Luis 6th Grade

Harry Potter Reading Activities

Harry Potter Reading Activities For Teachers! 

HARRY POTTER READING COMPREHENSION GAME, GOBSMAKED! Have your children stand or sit on their desk so they are facing the teacher. Start at either end of room and give the first child a Harry Potter Reading Comprehension question. They answer the question with the who, what, where, when, why, or how with detail showing knowledge of the readings. When students cannot give an answer to a question they say “GOBSMAKED” and must sit down. Students that answer correctly get a Bertie Bott's Every Flavor Beans and the game continues for that student. Continue the game until you are down to one child! The last child that has answered all the vocabulary gets a small bag of popcorn or other treat. Every child that answers a hard vocabulary question correctly gets a jelly bean plus a, pretzel, stamp, or a sticker. Hard question include academic reading vocabulary, plot, theme, word play, irony, antagonist, protagonist, imagery, and symbolism, etcetera. They love this activity and it's a great review of the literature and a great opportunity to teach complex literary concepts. We start with a mix of easy and hard questions to get the kids excited and ready to read the challenging books... I ask my students at the beginning of reviews if they want a hard, medium or easy question to give every child a bite of the Harry Potter apple!

Harry Potter Reading Party!

Chocoadia Del Hermione

  • Butterbeer
  • Hogwarts Popcorn
  • Halloween Feast
  • Harry Potter Trivia Sparkle
  • Rubeus Hagrid Scottish Tea Party
  • Design a Harry Potter Board Game
  • Create Your Own Spells Using Latin Word Roots
  • Interview Harry Potter
  • Reading by candlelight
  • your ideas...

We explore Harry Potter books for magic spells, charms,and incantations to teach prefixes, suffixes and introduce Latin root words. Students use a basic Latin glossary to decode the spells from Harry Potter and make their own. 

A sample of my students invented spells using Latin Roots

Harry Potter Latin Root Words / Spells 
  • Comphotoposhous  It blinds your opponent for 10 minutes.
  • Donamorbrev  To make someone fall in love for a short time.
  • Liverphill  It gives a person free love.
  • Creadecadem  To create 10 clones of yourself.
  • Cosmdokeineiv  To teach people to be wise.
  • Viviodeca  It makes people live for 10 more years.
  • Chronacide  It kills very slowly.
  • Creacosmatic  You can make your own world.
  • Filaendo  Gives someone faith-belief.
  • Dynamgen  It makes you more powerful.
  • Anthropamor  Makes you fall in love with the first person you see.
  • Domindynam Gives power over all you command.
  • Pathymor  Suffer death instantly.
  • Zodynam A spell that can give animal power.

Why I Use Harry Potter!

I use great literature like Harry Potter as the cornerstone of my literacy program to build  a love of reading and teach the ins and outs of literary elements in a kid friendly way. WHY Harry Potter! Students that need to make the greatest gains in reading have a very limited reading vocabulary, and or under exposed to quality literature. Most traits of quality reading and comprehending are underdeveloped or nonexistent in at-risk students. Using Harry Potter for book clubs gives me access to the books, but also the great movies, inspirational theme music, and characters with special appeal for kids that face daily adversity. In short Harry Potter helps to make reading fun! I tell my kids, “If the don’t like reading Harry Potter, you are doing it wrong.”

Students will understand settings, characters, plot, theme, mood, antagonist, and protagonist faster when you have a movie clip, or theme music to build background knowledge and understanding of literary elements. Sean Taylor M.Ed 

Students always have a stronger auditory or spoken vocabulary due in part to exposure to media. Using the student’s strengths to build connections to literary elements, in a format kids love, watching movies clips and listening to music makes building background knowledge fast, easy and fun for students. Using auditory knowledge to develop areas of vocabulary weakness is one method that helps my students become fluent, excited, erudite readers. Students will quickly transition from the cinematic elements to the literary elements  using Harry Potter. Sean Taylor M.Ed

Create Your Own Adventure!

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