Thursday, October 21, 2010

Reading Strategies: Frida Age 9

Dear, Teacher and parents
I want to tell you about the Reading Boot Camp that we have in our class at Rio Vista! The thing we do in the morning is get out our speller. The speller has lots of reading things, Like fluency drills, National Reading Vocabulary, poems, short stories, and a Kung Fu List(Academic Words).The Fuency drills we use them to practice our reading and getting fast at reading. Mr.Taylor put the timer for one minute and when the time is up we see how many words we read in just one minute! We go to other classes and read to kids and show them how to do Reading Boot Camp. We go to the, third graders and to second graders and we go to the kinders to read. To show them how to do reading boot camp!The National Reading Vocabulary has words we need to know. It has fourth grade words ,third grade words, and fifth grade words. The things that really help us learn, a lot, is that a lot of times we put our chair cop cars to read with buddies. Cop cars means that we read with our partners with one chair back words and the other chair the other way,and we start reading the words and making sentences. Daily we have to do sentences from the national reading vocabulary. we write them in cursive three times and then make a sentence with them. The other thing the speller has is poems we read them and memorize them . Like we have one that we practice is one call The Captain's Fether it was fun and i memorize it.The Kung Fu list is a list of hard words . At first they were very hard but then they were easy. I am going to tell you how they became easy. We look them up in the dictonary and then wrote them in flash cards we practice them and they became easy. We also play vocabulary sparkle with them. sparkle means that Mr. Taylor ask us a word from the Kung Fu list and the first one to says what the word maens, gets a gum drop or a fudge roll.The other thing about reading Boot Camp is that we sing songs and use lyrics. We even made a video in google (Youtube). Google is something in the inernet that shows you lots of videos.I think Mr.Taylor is a very good teacher. He is preparing me a lot for fifth grade and i went up seven points on my first map test more what I went up last year for the whole year. Mr.Taylor is a very good teacher and I am greatful with Mr. Talor and I very fortunate to be in this class because i am learning a lot of new things and i think i am going to be very good in this class this year with Mr.Taylor.

age 9

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