Sunday, November 27, 2011

Cuts to Education

Cuts to Public Education in the Billions 2011-2012
With educational cuts to public schools in the billions what is the future of public education?
The next four years are going to test public school teachers and students resolve with giant class sizes and no budgets for supplies, books, maintenance, and technology. Title I schools are going to feel the pain more than affluent districts that can make up short falls with budget overrides and additional bonds. What is the political thinking and a lack of public outcry that we are balancing state budgets on the backs of teachers and students.Students that receive one to two years of less than optimal academic instruction have almost no chance of graduation. We are packing classes with so many students that even the top students will struggle in this daycare environment. Most States fund daycare and prisons better than they do Title I public schools,WHY?

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  1. The zero public spending tea party, the right wing profiteering cooperate cronies, and some short sighted republicans wont be happy with public education until it is dismantled, destroyed or squeezed for profits.

  2. All Americans are responsible, not just the right! The failure of the Senate Super Committee will mean even more cuts to public education. The real problem is the parents of the 50-60 million students receiving a public education are relatively silent. Sean Taylor


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