Wednesday, August 1, 2012

NCLB Waivers | More states seek waivers from NCLB

NCLB Waivers | More states seek waivers from NCLB
State Seek Flexibility, Relief, from NCLB School Reform | Accountability Movement

Why are all but a few states seceding (NCLB Waivers) from the biggest school reform movement in the history of the United States?

Teacher, parents and students have lived under the false pretext that academic performance would and will improve with student accountability and modern school reform (NCLB, AYP, CCSS, ESEA and PARCC). The idea was, and is, reform schools with a Top Down educational model, to educate a greater number of students. The last 20 years we have seen the opposite with the highest numbers of students dropping out of school and overall literacy on the decline. We have left more and more teaching decisions to the publishers, politicians, billionaires and Wall-Street carpetbaggers the last 20 years, and at the cost of teacher and student liberty. Our schools have turned into institutes of student measurement, not bastions of reasoning and erudite academic discourse. Seeking and receiving an education used to grant its recipients with wisdom, freedom and a better chance at prosperity. Today, students see schools for what they truly are defunct testing factories that neither offers a path to wisdom, freedom or prosperity. Teacher liberty and freedom will only come when the Top Down educational reform model is seen as the problem not the solution. Most school reforms and student accountability ideas are like a rocking chair, they give you something to do but they don’t get you anywhere.

"These states have joined in a nationwide movement toward state-led education reform now embraced by 24 states," said Secretary Arne Duncan. "Their plans are the product of bold, forward-thinking state and local leaders who have moved beyond the tired old battles and partisan bickering to roll up their sleeves and start working together." The leaders are not named but as always no classroom teachers.

Imagine having accountability and reform for politicians and the Wall-Street elite!

100% peace
100% employment
100% safe non GMO food
100% environment friendly products
100% equality and opportunity for all citizens
100% reduction in global warming
0% poverty
0% lies
0% of corporations are people

“A mind needs books as a sword needs a whetstone, if it is to keep its sharp edge." Tyrion Lannister

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