Tuesday, August 21, 2012

Problems with the Common Core Standards

Problems with the Common Core Standards

The Common Core Standards are being adopted by 47 states the next few years and most of these states could not meet the easier NCLB standards and mandates. The Common Core Standards are a great idea in principle but implementing them is the problem. The same old bloated districts, and fat cat educational publishers are going to do what they always do, give us the top down bloviated decision making model, that makes the teachers accountable, parents and students mad, lost, or confused, then they blame everyone else when things fail. The same people that have made the last 20 years of educational reform a disaster are in-charge of the new Common Core Standards reforms. The Common Core are part of the GERM! Global Education Reform Movement!

The Biggest Problem Implementing the Common Core State Standards
  • No money for the transition and implementation
  • No parent and student buy in
  • No genuine support for teachers
  • Reading standards that are not attainable with an alliterate society

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