Sunday, May 12, 2013

School Accountability | Teacher/Student Accountability

School Accountability | Teacher/Student Accountability

The NCLB and Race to Top School Accountability Models, i.e. teacher and student accountability will increase one thing, that is the number of high school dropouts and failing schools!!  The solution is not more testing and accountability but new or innovative school models that many American and Finnish schools have adopted and shown so much success. Sean

 A great article on School Accountability!

"Detoxifying School Accountability"

Author James Park
"Detoxifying School Accountability proposes an alternative model, one which is built around multi-perspective inspection. Such a model would value the opinions of leaders, staff, students, parents and inspectors about a school’s performance, instead of allowing the judgements of one group to prevail against others. The report also outlines the potential to empower students by providing them with a wider choice of tests and qualifications to display their knowledge and skills."

Full Report Free PDF

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