Sunday, July 7, 2013

Brain Breaks For Kids | Student Brain Breaks

Brain Breaks For Kids | Student Brain Breaks

Brain breaks are a fun integral part of building a fun, dynamic, engaged and intrinsically motivated classroom of kids. Kids need a brain break at least once an hour to stimulate active learning and encourage focused engagement.  Musical brain breaks are a quick and potent form of brain break that gives you and your students the added bonus of stimulating long and short term memory (Real Brain Chemistry that Improves Memory and Focus)! 

The songs below are my classroom's favorite Dance Party Breaks! 

Everybody get up, it's time for a Dance Party! is a free online Disco Strobe for your Smartboard! 

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  1. Brain Breaks are so powerful! When faced with a classroom full of lights that have turned off, the teacher has a choice: to trudge on to keep on track or sacrifice a minute in order to increase engagement.

    My students and I like to do Just Dance on YouTube. I project it on the screen. Three minutes and a few laughs later, we are back in business.


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