Thursday, July 25, 2013

New Socratic Citizenship? | World Citizen

Teachers need to be a mirror for society good or bad, and a positive agent of change. Today we offer too-many of our students a ludicrous future, a civilization full of fear, greed, anger, mindless obedience and ignorance. FEAR and IGNORANCE is a powerful political tool used by dictators, democracies and politicians for millenia, the power of fear and ignorance triumphs over reason, compassion, wisdom, generosity, hope and grace. How do we create a community and school learning environment that promotes World Citizenship (questioning, wise, ethical, proactive, Earthcentric and sustainable )? The four big lies that keep humanity from seeking a harmonious/Earthcentric civilization! GREED, ANGER, FEAR and IGNORANCE! Teachers can take a path of passive nihilism or they can stand up and say enough of the ethical decay, intolerance, abandonment of truth, and political plutocracy. 




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