Thursday, November 14, 2013

Best of Simon's Cat | Simon's Cat Classroom Brain Breaks

Simon's Cat cartoons are a great classroom brain break or ice breaker activity to get teams talking. Simon's Cat cartoons are a great teaching tool to examine story elements and PLOT, use them to create fun quick activity that will get kids engaged and talking about literary ideas. 
     Simon's Cat will bring a smile to everyone face when kids are stressed out over testing!
     Take time with a digital classroom pet "Simon's Cat!"  

Cat Man Do - Simon's Cat

Let Me In! - Simon's Cat

Santa Claws - Simon's Cat

Sticky Tape - Simon's Cat

Ready, Steady, Slow! - Simon's Cat

Icecapade - Simon's Cat

Mirror Mirror - Simon's Cat

Double Trouble - Simon's Cat

Catnap - Simon's Cat

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