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Common Core Latin and Greek Roots, Prefixes, Suffixes and Affixes

Common Core Latin and Greek Roots, Prefixes, Suffixes and Affixes | Latin and Greek Roots, Prefixes, Suffixes and Affixes Grade 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7 and 8

Students must have a basic understanding of Latin and Greek Roots to improve reading comprehension, understand spelling and expanded vocabulary knowledge. Use common, grade-appropriate Greek and Latin affixes and roots as clues to the meaning of a word (e.g., telegraph, photograph, autograph) CCSS ELA 

Students must be exposed to complex concepts like Latin and Greek Roots 70 plus times to gain a usable knowledge and deeper understanding of the concepts.  Latin and Greek Roots are sometimes overlooked in classroom lessons and their importance to improving reading comprehension. 

L.4.4. Determine or clarify the meaning of unknown and multiple-meaning words and phrases based on grade 4 reading and content, choosing flexibly from a range of strategies. Use context (e.g., definitions, examples, or restatements in text) as a clue to the meaning of a word or phrase.

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  • ab-, a-, abs- away from Latin
    ac- sharp or pointed Latin
    acerb- sharp, bitter, sour Latin
    acid- sour or acid Latin
    acr- height, summit, tip Greek
    acr- bitter, pungent, sharp, sour Latin
    acu- sharp Latin
    ad-, a-, ac-, af-, ag-, al-, ap-, ar-, as-, at- movement to or toward; in addition to Latin
    adip- fat Latin
    aer- air, atmosphere Greek
    aesthet- feeling, sensation Greek
    agr- field Greek
    agri-, -egri- field Latin
    alb- dull white Latin
    am-, amat- love Latin
    ambi- both, on both sides Latin
    ambul- to walk Latin
    amic-, -imic- friend Latin
    amph-, amphi- around, about, both, on both sides of, both kinds Greek
    ampl- ample, abundant, bountiful Latin
    an-, a- not, without Greek
    ana-, an- again, against, back, up Greek
    andr- male, masculine Greek
    anem- wind Greek
    anim- breath Latin
    ann-, -enn- year, yearly Latin
    ant-, anti- against, opposed to, preventive Greek
    ante-, anti- before, in front of, prior to Latin
    anth- flower Greek
    anthra- coal Greek
    anthrop- human Greek
    ap-, apo- away from, separate, at the farthest point Greek
    aqu- water Latin
    ar- plow, till Latin
    ar- be dry Latin
    arche-, archi- ruler Greek
    archae-, arche- ancient Greek
    arct- Relating to the North Pole or the region near it; relating to cold Greek
    argent- silver Latin
    arist- excellence Greek
    arthr- joint Greek
    astr- star, star-shaped Greek
    athl- prize Greek
    -athroid gathered or lumped together Greek
    audi- hearing, listening, sound Latin
    aug-, auct- grow, increase Latin
    aur- relating to gold, or gold-colored Latin
    auri- relating to the ear Latin
    aut-, auto- self; directed from within Greek
    avi- bird Latin
    axi- axis Latin
    axi(o)- merit Greek


    Root Meaning in English Origin language
    bac- rod-shaped Latin
    bar- weight, pressure Greek
    basi- at the bottom Latin / Greek
    bathy-, batho- deep, depth Greek
    be-, beat- bless Latin
    bell- war Latin
    ben- good, well Latin
    bi- two Latin
    bib- drink Latin
    bibl- book
    bio- life
    blenn- slime Greek
    blast- germ, embryo, bud, cell with nucleus
    bon- good Latin
    bore- north
    Latin from Greek
    botan- plant
    bov- cow, ox
    brachi- arm
    brachy- short Greek
    brady- slow Greek
    branchi- gill
    brev- brief, short (time) Latin
    brom- food Greek
    brom- oats
    brom- stench
    bronch- windpipe
    bront- thunder
    bucc- cheek, mouth, cavity
    bulb- bulbous Latin
    bull- bubble, flask
    burs- pouch, purse Latin


    Root Meaning in English Origin language
    cac- bad Greek
    cad-, -cid-, cas- fall Latin
    caed-, -cid-, caes-, -cis- cut Latin
    calc- stone
    Latin and Greek
    call-, calli- beautiful
    calor- heat Latin
    calyp- cover Greek
    camer- vault Latin
    camp- field Latin
    can- dog
    can-, -cin-, cant- sing Latin
    cand- glowing, iridescent Latin
    cap-, -cip-, capt-, -cept- hold, take Latin
    capit-, -cipit- head Latin
    capr- goat Latin
    caps- box, case Latin
    carbo- coal Latin
    carcer- jail Latin
    carcin- cancer (disease) Latin from Greek
    cardi- relating to the heart Greek
    cardin- hinge Latin
    carn- flesh Latin
    carp- fruit Greek
    carp- wrist Greek
    cast- pure Latin
    cata-, cat- down Greek
    caten- chain Latin
    cathar- pure Greek
    caud- tail Latin
    caus-, -cus- cause or motive Latin
    cav- hollow Latin
    ced-, cess- go Latin
    celer- quick Latin
    cen- new Greek
    cen- empty Greek
    cens- to assess Latin
    cent- hundred Latin
    centen- hundred each Latin
    centesim- hundredth Latin
    centr- center Greek
    cephal- head Greek
    ceram- clay Greek
    cerat- horn Greek
    cern- sift Latin
    cervic- relating to the neck, relating to the cervix
    ceter- other Latin
    chir- of the hand or hands Greek
    chelon- relating to a turtle
    chlor- green
    chore- relating to dance
    chord- cord
    Latin and Greek
    chrom- color
    chron- time
    chrys- gold
    cili- eyelash
    cine- motion Greek
    ciner- ash Latin
    cing-, cinct- gird Latin
    circ- circle, ring Latin
    circum- around Latin
    cirr- orange Greek
    cirr- curl, tentacle
    civ- citizen Latin
    clad- branch Greek
    clar- clear Latin
    clast- broken Greek
    claud-, -clud-, claus-, -clus- close Latin
    clav- key Greek
    cleist- closed Greek
    cleithr- bar, key Greek
    clement- mild Latin
    clin- bed, lean, recline
    cochl- snail, spiral shell
    coel- hollow Greek
    cogn- know Latin
    col- strain Latin
    coll- hill
    coll- neck
    color- color Latin
    con-, co-, col-, com-, cor- with, together Latin
    con- cone
    condi- season Latin
    contra- against Latin
    copr- dung
    corac- raven
    cord- heart Latin
    corn- horn Latin
    coron- crown
    corpor- body
    cortic- bark
    cosm- universe
    cosmet- the art of dress and ornament Greek
    cost- rib
    cotyl- cup
    -cracy, -crat government, rule, authority Greek
    crani- skull
    crass- thick Latin
    cre- make Latin
    cred- believe, trust Latin
    crep- boot, shoe Greek
    cribr- sieve
    cric- ring
    cris-, crit- judge Greek
    crisp- curled Latin
    crist- crest
    cross- fringe, tassel Greek
    cruc- cross
    crur- leg, shank Latin
    crypt- hidden Greek
    cten- comb
    cub- cube
    cub- lie Latin
    culin- kitchen Latin
    culp- blame, fault Latin
    cune- wedge
    cur- care for Latin
    curr-, curs- run Latin
    curv- bent Latin
    cuspid- lance, point
    cut- skin
    cyan- blue
    cycl- circular Greek
    cylind- roll Greek
    cyn- dog
    cyst- capsule
    cyt- cell Greek


    Root Meaning in English Origin language
    dactyl- finger, toe, digit Greek
    damn-, -demn- to inflict loss upon Latin
    de- from, away from, removing, down Latin
    deb- owe Latin
    deca-, dec-, deka-, dek- ten Greek
    decim- tenth part Latin
    delt- anything shaped like a Δ Greek
    dem- people Greek
    den- ten each Latin
    dendr- resembling a tree Greek
    dens- thick Latin
    dent- tooth Latin
    derm- skin Greek
    deuter- second Greek
    dexter- right Latin
    dexi- right Greek
    di- two Greek
    dia- apart, through Greek
    dict- say, speak Latin
    digit- finger Latin
    dino- terrible, fearfully great Greek
    dipl- double; twofold Greek
    doc-, doct- teach Latin
    dodec- twelve Greek
    dogmat-, dox- opinion, tenet Greek
    dom- house Latin
    don- give Latin
    dorm- sleep Latin
    dors- back Latin
    du- two Latin
    dub- doubtful Latin
    duc-, duct- lead Latin
    dulc- sweet Latin
    dur- hard Latin
    dy- two Greek
    dyna- power Greek
    dys- badly, ill Greek


    Root Meaning in English Origin language
    ec- out Greek
    ecclesi- assembly, congregation Greek
    eco- house Greek
    ecto- outside Greek
    ed-, es- eat Latin
    eg- goat Greek
    ego- self, I (first person) Latin, Greek
    electr- amber Greek
    em-, empt- buy Latin
    eme- vomit Greek
    emul- striving to equal, rivaling Latin
    en-, em- in Greek
    encephalo- brain Greek
    endo- inside Greek
    engy- narrow Greek
    ennea- nine Greek
    ens- sword Latin
    eo-, eos-, eoso- dawn, east Greek
    ep-, epi- upon Greek
    equ-, -iqu- even, level Latin
    equ- horse Latin
    erg- work Greek
    erot- (sexual) love Greek
    err- stray Latin
    erythr- red Greek
    eso- within Greek
    eth- custom, habit Greek
    ethm- sieve, sift Greek
    ethn- people, race, tribe, nation Greek
    etym- true Greek
    eu- well, good Greek
    eur- wide Greek
    ex-, e-, ef- from, out Latin
    exo- outside Greek
    exter-, extra- outer Latin
    extrem- outermost, utmost Latin


    Root Meaning in English Origin language
    f-, fat- say, speak Latin
    fab- bean Latin
    fac-, -fic-, fact, -fect- make Latin
    falc- sickle Latin
    fall-, -fell-, fals- deceive Latin
    fallac- false Latin
    famili- a close attendant Latin
    fant- to show Greek
    fasc- bundle Latin
    fatu- foolish, useless Latin
    feder- treaty, agreement, contract, league, pact Latin
    fel- cat Latin
    felic- happy, merry Latin
    fell- suck Latin
    femin- women, female Latin
    femor- thigh Latin
    fend-, fens- strike Latin
    fenestr- window Latin
    fer- carry Latin
    feroc- fierce Latin
    ferr- iron Latin
    fet- stink Latin
    fic- fig Latin
    fid-, fis- faith, trust Latin
    fil- thread Latin
    fili- son Latin
    fin- end Latin
    find-, fiss- split Latin
    firm- firm, strong Latin
    fistul- hollow, tube Latin
    fl- blow Latin
    flacc- flabby Latin
    flav- yellow Latin
    flect-, flex- bend Latin
    flig-, flict- strike Latin
    flor- flower Latin
    flu-, flux- flow Latin
    foc- hearth Latin
    fod-, foss- dig Latin
    foen- hay Latin
    foli- leaf Latin
    font- spring Latin
    for- bore, drill
    form- shape Latin
    form- ant Latin
    fornic- vault Latin
    fort- strong Latin
    fove- shallow round depression Latin
    frang-, -fring-, fract-, frag- break Latin
    frater-, fratr- brother Latin
    fric-, frict- rub Latin
    frig- cold Latin
    front- forehead Latin
    fruct-, frug- fruit Latin
    fug-, fugit- flee Latin
    fum- smoke Latin
    fund- bottom Latin
    fund-, fus- pour Latin
    fung-, funct- do Latin
    fur-, furt- steal Latin
    furc- fork Latin
    fusc- dark Latin


    Root Meaning in English Origin language
    galact- milk Greek
    gastr- stomach Greek
    geo- earth Greek
    gel- icy cold Latin
    gen- race, kind,birth Greek
    ger-, gest- bear, carry Latin
    germin- sprout Latin
    glabr- hairless Latin
    glaci- ice Latin
    gladi- sword Latin
    glia- glue Greek
    glob- sphere Latin
    glori- glory Latin
    glutin- glue Latin
    gon- corner or angle Greek
    grad-, -gred-, gress- walk, step, go Latin
    gramm- writing Greek
    gran- grain Latin
    grand- grand Latin
    graph- draw, write Greek
    grat- thank, please Latin
    grav- heavy Latin
    greg- flock Latin
    gubern- govern, pilot Latin
    gust- taste Latin
    gutt- drop Latin
    guttur- throat Latin
    gymn- nude Greek
    gyn- woman Greek


    Root Meaning in English Origin language
    hab-, -hib-, habit-, -hibit- have Latin
    hadr- thick Greek
    haem-, hem- blood Greek
    hal- salt Greek
    hal-, -hel- breathe Latin
    hapl- simple, single Greek
    haur-, haust- draw Latin
    hedo- pleasure Greek
    heli- sun Greek
    hemi- half Greek
    hen- one Greek
    hendec- eleven Greek
    hept- seven Greek
    her-, hes- cling Latin
    herb- grass Latin
    hered- heir Latin
    herp- creep Greek
    heter- different, other Greek
    heur- find Greek
    hex- six Greek
    hibern- wintry Latin
    hiem- winter Latin
    hier- sacred Greek
    hipp- horse Greek
    hirsut- hairy Latin
    hispid- bristly Latin
    histri- actor Latin
    hod- way Greek
    hol- whole Greek
    hom- same Greek
    homal- even, flat Greek
    home- like Greek
    homin- human Latin
    honor- esteem Latin
    hor- boundary Greek
    hor- hour Greek
    horm- that which excites Greek
    hort- garden Latin
    hospit- host Latin
    host- enemy Latin
    hum- ground Latin
    hyal- glass Greek
    hydr- water Greek
    hygr- wet Greek
    hymen- skin or membrane Greek
    hyo- U-shaped Greek
    hyp- under Greek
    hyper- above, over Greek
    hypn- sleep Greek
    hyster- later Greek


    Root Meaning in English Origin language
    ichthy- fish Greek
    icos- twenty Greek
    id- shape Greek
    ide- idea; thought Greek
    idi- personal Greek
    ign- fire Latin
    in- (1), im- in, on Latin
    in- (2), il-, im-, ir- not, un- (negation) Latin
    infra- below, under Latin
    insul- island Latin
    inter- among, between Latin
    intra- within Latin
    irasc-, irat- be angry Latin
    irid- rainbow Latin
    is-, iso- equal, same Greek
    iter- again Latin
    itiner- journey Latin


    Root Meaning in English Origin language
    jac- lie Latin
    jac-, -ject- cast, throw Latin
    janu- door Latin
    joc- joke Latin
    judic- judge Latin
    jug- yoke Latin
    jung-, junct- join Latin
    junior- younger Latin
    jus-, jur- law, justice Latin
    juv-, jut- help Latin
    juven- young, youth Latin
    juxta- beside, near Latin


    Root Meaning in English Origin language
    kil(o)- thousand Greek
    kine- movement, motion Greek
    klept- steal Greek
    kudo- glory Greek


    Root Meaning in English Origin language
    lab-, laps- slide, slip Latin
    labi- lip Latin
    labor- work Latin
    lacer- tear Latin
    lacrim- cry, tears Latin
    lact- milk Latin
    lamin- layer, slice Latin
    lamp- torch Greek
    lapid- stone Latin
    larg- large Latin
    larv- ghost, mask Latin
    lat- broad, wide Latin
    later- side Latin
    laud-, laus- praise Latin
    lav- wash Latin
    lax- not tense Latin
    lecith- egg yolk Greek
    led-, les- hurt Latin
    leg- law Latin
    leg- send Latin
    lei- smooth Greek
    lekan- dish, pot Greek
    leni- gentle Latin
    leon- lion Latin
    lep- flake, scale Greek
    leps- grasp, seize Greek
    leuc-, leuk- white Greek
    lev- lift, light Latin
    liber- free Latin
    libr- book Latin
    lig- bind Latin
    limac- slug Latin
    lin- line Latin
    lingu- language, tongue Latin
    linqu-, lict- leave Latin
    lip- fat Greek
    liter- letter Latin
    lith- stone Greek
    loc- place Latin
    log- thought, word, speech Greek
    long- long Latin
    loqu-, locut- speak Latin
    luc- bright, light Latin
    lud-, lus- play Latin
    lumin- light Latin
    lun- moon Latin
    lysis dissolving Greek


    Root Meaning in English Origin language
    macr- long Greek
    magn- great, large Latin
    maj- greater Latin
    mal- bad, wretched Latin
    mamm- breast Latin
    man- flow Latin
    man- stay Latin
    mand- order Latin
    mania mental illness Greek
    manu- hand Latin
    mar- sea Latin
    mater-, matr- mother Latin
    maxim- greatest Latin
    mechan- machine or instrument Greek
    medi-, -midi- middle Latin
    meg- great, large Greek
    mei- less Greek
    melan- black, dark Greek
    melior- better Latin
    mell- honey Latin
    memor- remember Latin
    mening- membrane Greek
    men- month Greek
    menstru- monthly Latin
    mensur- measure Latin
    ment- mind Latin
    mer- part Greek
    merc- reward, wages, hire Latin
    merg-, mers- dip, plunge Latin
    mes- middle Greek
    meter-, metr- measure Greek
    meta- above, among, beyond Greek
    mic- grain Latin
    micr- small Greek
    migr- wander Latin
    milit- soldier Latin
    mill- thousand Latin
    millen- thousand each Latin
    mim- repeat Greek
    min- jut Latin
    min- less, smaller Latin
    mir- wonder, amazement Latin
    mis- hate Greek
    misc-, mixt- mix Latin
    mit- thread Greek
    mitt-, miss- send Latin
    mne- memory Greek
    mol- grind Latin
    moll- soft Latin
    mon- one Greek
    monil- string of beads Latin
    mont- mountain Latin
    mord- bite Latin
    morph- form, shape Greek
    mort- death Latin
    mov-, mot- move, motion Latin
    mulg-, muls- milk Latin
    mult- many, much Latin
    mur- wall Latin
    mus- thief Latin
    musc- fly Latin
    mut- change Latin
    my- mouse Greek
    myri- countless, ten thousand Greek
    myrmec- ant Greek
    myth- story Greek
    myx- slime Greek
    myz- suck Greek


    Root Meaning in English Origin language
    nar- nostril Latin
    narc- numb Greek
    narr- tell Latin
    nas- nose Latin
    nasc-, nat- born Latin
    naut- ship Greek
    nav- ship Latin
    ne- new Greek
    necr- dead Greek
    nect- swimming Greek
    nect-, nex- join, tie Latin
    neg- say no Latin
    nema- hair Greek
    nemor- grove, woods Latin
    nephr- kidney Greek
    nes- island Greek
    neur- nerve Greek
    nict- wink Latin
    nigr- black Latin
    nihil- nothing Latin
    noct- night Latin
    nod- knot Latin
    nom- arrangement, law Greek
    nomad- those who let pasture herds Greek
    nomin- name Latin
    non- not Latin
    non- ninth Latin
    nonagen- ninety each Latin
    nonagesim- ninetieth Latin
    not- letter, note, paper Latin
    noth- spurious Greek
    noto- back, south Greek
    nov- nine Latin
    nov- new Latin
    noven- nine each Latin
    novendec- nineteen Latin
    nox-, noc- harmful Latin
    nu- nod Latin
    nub- to marry, to wed Latin
    nuc- nut Latin
    nuch- back of neck Latin
    nud- naked Latin
    null- none Latin
    numer- number Latin
    nunci- announce Latin
    nupti- pertaining to marriage Latin
    nutri- nourish Latin


    Root Meaning in English Origin language
    ob-, o-, oc-, of-, og-, op-, os- against Latin
    oct- eight Greek
    oct- eight Latin
    octav- eighth Latin
    octogen- eighty each Latin
    octogesim- eightieth Latin
    octon- eight each Latin
    ocul- eye Latin
    od- path, way Greek
    od- hate Latin
    odont- tooth Greek
    odor- fragrant Latin
    oeco- house Greek
    oed- swollen Greek
    oen- wine Greek
    oesophag- gullet Greek
    ogdo- eighth Greek
    -oid like Greek
    ole- oil Latin
    olecran- skull of elbow Latin from Greek
    olig- few Greek
    oliv- olive Latin
    -oma cancer Greek
    omas- paunch Latin
    oment- fat skin Latin
    omin- creepy Latin
    omm- eye Greek
    omni- all Latin
    omo- shoulder Greek
    omphal- navel Greek
    oner- burden Latin
    onom- name Greek
    ont- existing Greek
    -onym name Greek
    oo- egg Greek
    opac- shady Latin
    oper- work Latin
    opercul- little cover Latin
    ophi- snake Greek
    ophthalm- eye Greek
    opisth- behind Greek
    opoter- either Greek
    opt- eye Greek
    opt- choose Latin
    optim- best Latin
    or- mouth Latin
    orb- circle Latin
    orch- testicle Greek
    ordin- order Latin
    organ- organ, instrument, tool Greek
    ori-, ort- eastern Latin
    orn- decorate Latin
    ornith- bird Greek
    orth- straight Greek
    oscill- swing Latin
    oss- bone Latin
    osteo- bone Greek
    osti- entrance Latin
    ostrac- shell Greek
    ot- ear Greek
    ov- egg Latin
    ovi- sheep Latin
    oxy- sharp, pointed Greek


    Root Meaning in English Origin language
    pac- peace Latin
    pach- thick Greek
    paed- child Greek
    pagin- page Latin
    pal- stake Latin
    palae-, pale- ancient, old Greek
    palin- back Greek
    pall- be pale Latin
    palli- cloak Latin
    palm- palm Latin
    palustr- in marshes Latin
    pan-, pam- all Greek
    pand-, pans- spread Latin
    par(a)- beside, near Greek
    pariet- wall Latin
    part- part Latin
    parthen- maiden Greek
    parv- little Latin
    pasc-, past- feed Latin
    pass- pace, step Latin
    passer- sparrow Latin
    pat- be open Latin
    path- feel, hurt Greek
    pati-, pass- suffer, feel, endure, permit Latin
    patr- father Greek
    patr- father Latin
    pauc- few Latin
    pav- Latin
    pecc- sin Latin
    pect- fixed Greek
    pector- chest Latin
    pecun- money Latin
    ped- child Greek
    ped- foot Latin
    pejor- worse Latin
    pell-, puls- drive Latin
    pen- almost Latin
    pend-, pens- hang Latin
    penn-, pinn- feather Latin
    pent- five Greek
    pentecost- fiftieth Greek
    pept- to digest Greek
    per- thoroughly, through Latin
    peran- across, beyond Greek
    peri- around Greek
    persic- peach Greek
    pessim- worst Latin
    pet- strive towards Latin
    petr- rock Greek
    phae- dark Greek
    phag- eat Greek
    phalang- close formation of troops, finger bones Greek
    phalar- having a patch of white Greek
    pharmac- drug, medicine Greek
    phaner- visible Greek
    pher- bear, carry Greek
    phil-, -phile love, friendship Greek
    phleg- heat Greek
    phloe- tree bark Greek
    phob- fear Greek
    phon- sound Greek
    phor- carry, bear Greek
    phos-, phot- light Greek
    phragm- fence Greek
    phren- diaphragm, mind Greek
    phryn- toad, toad-like Greek
    phyl- tribe Greek
    phyll- leaf Greek
    phys- nature Greek
    physalid- bladder Greek
    phyt- plant Greek
    pic- pitch Latin
    pil- hair Latin
    pin- drink Greek
    pin- pine Latin
    ping-, pict- paint Latin
    pingu- fat Latin
    pir- pear Latin
    pisc- fish Latin
    pis- pea Greek
    plac- plate, tablet Greek
    plac- calm Latin
    plac-, -plic- please Latin
    plagi- oblique Greek
    plan- flat Latin
    plang-, planct- Latin
    plas- mould Greek
    platy- flat, broad Greek
    plaud-, -plod-, plaus-, -plos- approve, clap Latin
    ple-, plet- fill Latin
    pleb- people Latin
    plec- interwoven Greek
    plect-, plex- plait Latin
    plen- full Latin
    plesi- near Greek
    pleth- full Greek
    pleur- side Greek
    plic- fold Latin
    plinth- brick Greek
    plor- Latin
    plu- rain Latin
    plum- feather Latin
    plumb- lead Latin
    plur- more Latin
    plurim- most Latin
    plus- more Latin
    plut- wealth Greek
    pluvi- rain Latin
    pneu- air, lung Greek
    pod- foot Greek
    pogon- beard Greek
    poie- make Greek
    pol- pole Greek
    pole-, poli- city Greek
    polem- war Greek
    poli- grey Greek
    pollic- thumb Latin
    pollin- fine flour Latin
    poly- many Greek
    pon-, posit- put Latin
    ponder- weight Latin
    pont- bridge Latin
    popul- people Latin
    por- passage Greek
    porc- pig Latin
    porn- prostitute Greek
    porphyr- purple Greek
    port- gate Latin
    port- carry Latin
    post- after, behind Latin
    pot- drink Latin
    potam- river Greek
    prasin- leek-green Greek
    prat- meadow Latin
    prav- crooked Latin
    pre- before Latin
    prec- pray Latin
    pred- prey Latin
    prehend-, prend-, prehens- grasp Latin
    prem-, -prim-, press- press Latin
    presby- old Greek
    preter- past Latin
    preti- price Latin
    prim- first Latin
    prior- former Latin
    priv(i)- separate Latin
    pro- before, in front of Greek
    pro- for, forward Latin
    prob- worthy, good Latin
    proct- anus Greek
    propri- one's own, ownership Latin
    pros- forward Greek
    prot- first Greek
    proxim- nearest Latin
    prun- plum Latin
    psamm- sand Greek
    pseud- false Greek
    psil- bare Greek
    psych- mind Greek
    psychr- cold Greek
    pter- wing, fern Greek
    pto- fall Greek
    ptyal- saliva Greek
    ptych- fold, layer Greek
    pub- sexually mature Latin
    public- Latin
    pude- shame Latin
    pugn- fight Latin
    pulchr- beautiful Latin
    pulmon- lung Latin
    pulver- dust Latin
    pung-, punct- prick Latin
    puni- punish Latin
    pup- doll Latin
    pur- pure Latin
    purg- cleanse Latin
    purpur- purple Latin
    put- prune, reckon Latin
    pyg- rump Greek
    pyl- gate Greek
    pyr- heat, fire Greek


    Root Meaning in English Origin language
    quadr- four Latin
    quadragen- forty each Latin
    quadragesim- fortieth Latin
    quart- fourth Latin
    quasi- as if Latin
    quatern- four each Latin
    quati-, quass- shake Latin
    quer-, -quir-, quesit-, -quisit- search, seek Latin
    qui- rest Latin
    quin- five each Latin
    quindecim- fifteenth Latin
    quinden- fifteen each Latin
    quinque- five Latin
    quint- fifth Latin
    quot- how many, how great Latin


    Root Meaning in English Origin language
    rad-, ras- scrape, shave Latin
    radi- beam, spoke Latin
    radic- root Latin
    ram- branch Latin
    ran- frog Latin
    ranc- rancidness, grudge, bitterness Latin
    rap- turnip Latin
    raph- seam Greek
    rar- rare Latin
    rauc- harsh, hoarse Latin
    re-, red- again, back Latin
    reg-, -rig-, rect- straight Latin
    rem- oar Latin
    ren- kidney Latin
    rep-, rept- crawl, creep Latin
    ret- net Latin
    retro- backward, behind Latin
    rhabd- rod Greek
    rhach-, rach- spine Greek
    rhag- tear, rent Greek
    rhe- flow Greek
    rhig- chill Greek
    rhin- nose, snout Greek
    rhiz- root Greek
    rhod- rose Greek
    rhomb- spinning top Greek
    rhynch- snout Greek
    rid-, ris- laugh Latin
    robor- oak, strength Latin
    rod-, ros- gnaw Latin
    rog- ask Latin
    rostr- beak, prow Latin
    rot- wheel Latin
    ruber-, rubr- red Latin
    rug- wrinkle Latin
    rumin- throat Latin
    rump-, rupt- break Latin
    rur- country Latin


    Root Meaning in English Origin language
    sacchar- sugar Greek
    sacr-, secr- sacred Latin
    sagac- wise Latin
    sagitt- arrow Latin
    sal- salt Latin
    sali-, -sili-, salt- jump Latin
    salic- willow Latin
    salv- save Latin
    san- healthy Latin
    sanc- holy Latin
    sanguin- blood Latin
    sapi-, -sipi- taste, wise Latin
    sapon- soap Latin
    sarc- flesh Greek
    saur- lizard, reptile Greek
    sax- rock Latin
    scab- scratch Latin
    scal- ladder, stairs Latin
    scalen- uneven Greek
    scand-, -scend-, scans-, -scens- climb Latin
    scaph- anything hollow, bowl, ship Greek
    scel- leg, thigh Greek
    schem- plan Greek
    schis- split Greek
    sci- know Latin
    scind-, sciss- split Latin
    scler- hard Greek
    scoli- crooked Greek
    scop-, scept- look at, examine, view, observe Greek
    scrib-, script- write Latin
    sculp- carve Latin
    scut- shield Latin
    scyph- cup Greek
    se-, sed- apart Latin
    seb- tallow Latin
    sec-, sect-, seg- cut Latin
    sed- settle, calm Latin
    sed-, -sid-, sess- sit Latin
    sedec- sixteen Latin
    seget- in cornfields Latin
    sei- shake Greek
    selen- moon Greek
    sell- saddle, seat Latin
    sema- sign Greek
    semi- half Latin
    semin- seed Latin
    sen- old man Latin
    sen- six each Latin
    senti-, sens- feel Latin
    sept- fence, partition, enclosure Latin
    sept- seven Latin
    septen- seven each Latin
    septim- seventh Latin
    septuagen- seventy each Latin
    septuagesim- seventieth Latin
    septuagint- seventy Latin
    sequ-, secut- follow Latin
    ser-, sat- cultivate Latin
    ser- body fluid Latin
    ser- late Latin
    serp- crawl, creep Latin
    serr- saw, saw-toothed Latin
    serv- save, protect, serve Latin
    sesqui- one and a half Latin
    set- bristle, hair Latin
    sever- stern, strict, serious Latin
    sex-, se- six Latin
    sexagen- sixty each Latin
    sexagesim- sixtieth Latin
    sext- sixth Latin
    sibil- hiss Latin
    sicc- dry Latin
    sider- star Latin
    sign- sign Latin
    sil- quiet or still Latin
    silv- forest Latin
    simi- ape, monkey Latin
    simil- likeness, trust, group Latin
    simul- imitating, feigning Latin
    singul- one each Latin
    sinistr- left Latin
    sinu- (to draw) a line Latin
    sinus- hollow, bay Latin
    siph- tube Greek
    sist- cause to stand Latin
    sit- food, grain, wheat Greek
    soci- group Latin
    sol- sun Latin
    sol- comfort, soothe Latin
    sol- alone, only Latin
    solen- pipe, channel Greek
    solv-, solut- loosen, set free Latin
    soma- body Greek
    somn- sleep Latin
    somni- dream Latin
    son- sound Latin
    soph- wise Greek
    sorb-, sorpt- suck Latin
    sord- dirt Latin
    soror- sister Latin
    spati- space Latin
    spec-, -spic-, spect- look Latin
    spect- watch, look at Latin
    specul- observe Latin
    sper- hope Latin
    sperm- seed Greek
    sphen- wedge Greek
    spher- ball Greek
    sphinct- closing Greek
    spic- spike Latin
    spin- thorn Latin
    spir- breathe Latin
    spond-, spons- a surety, guarantee; give assurance, promise solemnly Latin
    spondyl- vertebra Greek
    spu-, sput- spew, spit Latin
    squal- scaly, dirty, filthy Latin
    squam- scale Latin
    squarros- spreading at tips Latin
    st- stand Latin
    stagn- pool of standing water Latin
    stalact- Greek
    stalagm- Greek
    stann- tin Latin
    stasis- standing, discord Greek
    statu-, -stitu- stand Latin
    stear- fat, tallow Greek
    steg- covering Greek
    stell- star Latin
    sten- narrow Greek
    stere- solid Greek
    stern-, strat- spread, strew Latin
    stern- breastbone Greek
    stich- line, row Greek
    stigmat- mark, puncture Greek
    still- drip Latin
    stimul- goad, rouse, excite Latin
    stingu-, stinct- apart Latin
    stoch- aim Greek
    stom- mouth Greek
    strept- twisted Greek
    strig- compress Latin
    strigos- having stiff bristles Latin
    string-, strict- upright, stiff Latin
    stroph- turning Greek
    stru-, struct- to make up, build Latin
    stud- dedication Latin
    stup- wonder Latin
    styl- column, pillar Greek
    su-, sut- sew Latin
    sui- self Latin
    suad-, suas- urge Latin
    suav- sweet Latin
    sub-, su-, suf-, sug-, sup-, sus- below Latin
    subter- under Latin
    sucr- sugar Latin
    sud- sweat Latin
    sulc- furrow Latin
    sum-, sumpt- take Latin
    super- above, over Latin
    supin- lying back Latin
    supra- above, over Latin
    surd- deaf Latin
    surg- rise Latin
    syn-, sy-, syl-, sym- with Greek
    syring- pipe Greek


    Root Meaning in English Origin language
    tac-, -tic- be silent Latin
    tach- swift Greek
    taeni- ribbon
    tal- ankle
    tang-, -ting-, tact-, tag- touch Latin
    tapet- carpet
    tard- slow Latin
    tars- ankle
    taur- bull Greek
    taur- bull Latin
    tax- arrangement, order Greek
    techn- art, skill Greek
    teg-, tect- cover Latin
    tele- far, end Greek
    tele- complete Greek
    temn- cut Greek
    tempor- time Latin
    ten-, -tin-, tent- hold Latin
    tend-, tens- stretch, strain Latin
    tenu- slender, thin Latin
    tep- be warm Latin
    ter-, trit- rub Latin
    teret- rounded Latin
    terg-, ters- wipe Latin
    termin- boundary, limit, end Latin
    tern- three each Latin
    terr- earth Latin
    terti- third Latin
    test- witness Latin
    tetr- four
    tex-, text- weave Latin
    thalam- chamber, bed Greek
    thalass- sea Greek
    than- death Greek
    the-, thus- god Greek
    the- put Greek
    thel- nipple Greek
    theori- speculation Greek
    ther- beast, animal Greek
    therm- heat, warm Greek
    thym- mood Greek
    thyr- door Greek
    thyre- large shield Greek
    tim- be afraid Latin
    ting-, tinct- moisten Latin
    tom- cut Greek
    ton- stretch Greek
    top- place Greek
    torn-, tourn- turn or rotate Latin from Greek
    torpe- be numb Latin
    torqu-, tort- twist Latin
    tot- all, whole Latin
    tox- arrow, bow Greek
    trab- beam Latin
    trachy- rough Greek
    trag- goat Greek
    trah-, tract- draw, pull Latin
    trans-, tra-, tran- across Latin
    trapez- four-sided, table Greek
    traum- wound Greek
    trecent- three hundred
    tredec- thirteen
    treiskaidek- thirteen Greek
    trem- tremble Latin
    trema- hole Greek
    tri- three
    tri- three
    tricen- thirty each Latin
    tricesim-, trigesim- thirtieth Latin
    trich- hair Greek
    trin- three each Latin
    trit- third Greek
    tritic- wheat Latin
    troch- wheel Greek
    trop- turning Greek
    troph- feed, grow Greek
    trud-, trus- thrust Latin
    tuss- cough Latin
    tympan- drum Greek
    typ- stamp, model Greek


    Root Meaning in English Origin language
    uber- fruitful Latin
    uligin- in marshes Latin
    ulo- wooly Greek
    ultim- farthest Latin
    ultra- beyond Latin
    umbilic- navel Latin
    umbr- shade, shadow Latin
    un- one Latin
    unc- hooked Latin
    unci- ounce, twelfth Latin
    und- wave Latin
    undecim- eleventh Latin
    unden- eleven each Latin
    ungui- claw, nail Latin
    ungul- claw, hoof Latin
    ur- tail Greek
    ur- urine Greek
    urb- city Latin
    urg- work Latin
    urs- bear Latin
    ut-, us- use Latin
    uv- grape Latin
    uxor- wife Latin


    Root Meaning in English Origin language
    vac- empty Latin
    vad-, vas- go Latin
    vag- wander Latin
    van- empty, vain, idle Latin
    vap- lack (of) Latin
    veh-, vect- carry Latin
    vel- veil Latin
    vell-, vuls- pull Latin
    veloc- quick Latin
    ven- vein Latin
    ven- hunt Latin
    ven-, vent- come Latin
    vend- sell Latin
    vener- respectful Latin
    vent- wind Latin
    ventr- belly Latin
    ver- true Latin
    verb- word Latin
    verber- whip Latin
    verm- worm Latin
    vern- spring Latin
    vert-, vers- turn Latin
    vesic- bladder Latin
    vesper- evening, western Latin
    vest- clothe, garment Latin
    vestig- track Latin
    vet- forbid Latin
    veter- old Latin
    vi- way Latin
    vic- change Latin
    vicen-, vigen- twenty each Latin
    vicesim-, vigesim- twentieth Latin
    vid-, vis- see Latin
    vil- cheap Latin
    vill- shaggy hair, velvet Latin
    vin- wine Latin
    vinc-, vict- conquer Latin
    vir- man Latin
    vir- green Latin
    visc- thick Latin
    viscer- organs of the body cavity Latin
    vit- life Latin
    vitell- yolk
    viti- fault Latin
    vitr- glass Latin
    viv- live Latin
    voc- voice Latin
    vol- fly Latin
    vol- wish Latin
    volv-, volut- roll Latin
    vom- discharge Latin
    vor-, vorac- swallow Latin
    vov-, vot- vow Latin
    vulg- common, crowd Latin
    vulner- wound Latin
    vulp- fox Latin


    Root Meaning in English Origin language
    xanth- yellow Greek
    xen- foreign Greek
    xer- dry Greek
    xiph- sword Greek
    xyl- wood Greek


    Root Meaning in English Origin language
    zel- zeal, jealousy Greek
    zo- animal, living being Greek
    zon- belt, girdle Greek
    zyg- yoke
    zym- ferment Greek

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