Wednesday, March 19, 2014

Grade 4 Nonfiction Close Reading Question Stems

Grade 4 Nonfiction Close Reading Test Questions Stems | Grade 4 Close Reading Task Cards Question Stems 

Grade 4 Common Core Close Reading Steps | Socratic Seminar Close Reading Task Cards
The Grade 4 Close Reading Task Cards are compiled from the Denver Public Schools CCSS-ELA 4th Grade Scope and Sequence. 
  1. Use short passages that inspire deep thinking
  2. Have a question or questions in mind when reading
  3. Rereading and questioning during 
  4. Read and take notes while reading and rereading
  5. Examine and discuss text that is confusing 
  6. Discussing the text and questions with peers 
  7. Responding with open ended text-dependent questions 

Close reading describes, in literary criticism, the careful, sustained interpretation of a brief passage of text. Such a reading places great emphasis on the single particular over the general, paying close attention to individual words, syntax, and the order in which sentences and ideas unfold as they are read. Wiki


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