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John L. Stoddard's Lectures

John L. Stoddard's Lectures | American Author Revisited

John L. Stoddard's illustrated lectures opened up the world to a vast collection of Americans at the turn of the century. His illustrated lectures inspired many future artist, poets, philosophers and writers.

He began traveling around the world in 1874, and published Red-Letter Days Abroad in 1884. He turned his experiences into a series of popular lectures delivered throughout North America. These lectures were periodically published in book form as John L. Stoddard's Lectures and eventually numbered ten volumes and five supplements (1897-1898). In 1901, Stoddard published a book on Gibraltar. The books include numerous illustrations derived from the immense catalog of photographs taken by Stoddard, and cover every subject, from art and architecture, to archaeology and natural history. The books were immensely popular in their day and many copies still survive. Later in life, Stoddard also published poetry, as well as books on religious subjects.Wiki

  • v. 1 Norway. Switzerland. Athens. Venice.
  • v. 2 Constantinople. Jerusalem. Egypt.
  • v. 3 Japan (two lectures). China.
  • v. 4 India (two lectures). The Passion play.
  • v. 5 Paris. La belle France. Spain.
  • v. 6 Berlin. Vienna. St. Petersburg. Moscow.
  • v. 7 The Rhine. Belgium. Holland. Mexico.
  • v. 8 Florence. Naples. Rome.
  • v. 9 Scotland. England. London.
  • v. 10 Southern California. Grand cañon of the Colorado River. Yellowstone National Park.
  • v. 11 Photographs - Portfolio of Photographs - Photographic view of the entire world of nature and art, the old and new world (256 photos).
Supplementary volumes:
  • no. 1 Ireland (two lectures). Denmark. Sweden.
  • no. 2 Canada (two lectures). Malta. Gibraltar.
  • no. 3 South Tyrol. Around Lake Garda. The Dolomites.
  • no. 4 Sicily. Genoa. A drive through the Engadine.
  • no. 5 Lake Como. The upper Danube. Bohemia.

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