Sunday, August 31, 2014

I Hate CCSS Basal Reading Programs!

Why I Hate CCSS Basal Reading Programs! 

Are Modern CCSS Basal Reading Programs Worse Today? 

The Big Problems with Basal Reading Programs: Reading Sage 

  • Truncated, content edited abridged, dumbed down, literature that is not very deep or interesting
  • Mountains of busywork in the form of endless worksheets
  • Not enough time spent actually reading real books  
  • Overly complex differentiation that is logistically impossible to teach in the time allotted or in a real classroom
  • Reliance on Non-Socratic scripted nonsense that an untrained semion would find boring and NOT rigorous
  • Weak or zero literacy center development
  • Word work if any that is weak on Tier 2 and Tier 3 academic vocabulary development
  • CCSS Reading curriculum is taught and presented in such a disassociated way from students real interests, passions and talents!  
  • Over reliance on rebranding, renaming or over complicating best practice
  • The reading programs are boring and no fun for the teacher or the students
  • Innovation and creativity is replaced or abandoned when the goal is a one size fits all curriculum mentality! 
  • School districts spending millions on rehashed tired old basal reading curriculum with a shiny CCSS stamp on it! 

"The "literacy block" was nothing but WORKSHEETS. I mean TONS of worksheets- there was no actual reading except for 15-20 minutes of guided reading groups (where they did round robin) as the other students rotated through "centers"- which were really just another place for them to fill out yet ANOTHER worksheet." forum 

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