Sunday, August 31, 2014

Passing Any EOG Reading TEST!

95% of my reading class passes the EOG reading TEST yearly! How can a Title I reading class pass the EOG Reading test ten years straight, without fail! This is HOW to help every student succeed and find a love of reading!

My journey began when I took over one of the lowest performing 6th grade classes in the state according to EOG testing data. 20-30% of the students tested perficient in reading and writing and slightly better in math! The secret to passing any EOG reading test was discovered that first year of teaching 6th grade! The method is simple if you are willing to rethink how you teach reading.

What you will need to say NO to:
  • No Basal Readers or Factory Reading Programs
  • No Unauthentic Writing Activities 
  • No Workbooks and Worksheets
  • No Ability Grouping
  • No Teacher Directed/Guided Small Group Reading Instruction*
  • No Summative Reading Assessments
  • No Silent Sustained Reading in Class
  • No Reading Software
  • No CCSS 33% Narrative | 67% Expository Rules! 
* Small group instruction is a great instructional strategy but never at the expense of placing students in ability groups! I always teach to the TOP and use student led scaffolding/cooperative learning groups to bring every child to the TOP!

What you will need to say YES to:
  • Read Real Literature and Poetry | Close Reading
  • Informational Text that Kids Want to READ! | Close Reading
  • Put the Arts Back into Language Arts! 
  • Peer to Peer Reading Instruction Groups 
  • Daily Singing, Poetry Readings and Theater 
  • Reading and Writing | Taught in Symbiosis 
  • Cooperative Learning Groups without Ability Grouping
  • Socratic Seminars with Fun HOT Questions | Close Reading
  • The National Reading Vocabulary List
  • Use Fun HOT Question Stems Daily When Reading
  • Daily Reading Fluency Practice
  • Tier 2 and Tier 3 Academic Vocabulary Instruction via Games
The real ideas that have helped thousands of students succeed and love reading is just a click away! 

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