Thursday, November 6, 2014

Mentor Text to Teach Writing!

Why Use Mentor Text to Teach Writing! Mentor Text Will Teach Readers and Writers to Analyze and Deepen Understanding of All Aspects of Written Communication. 

"Nobody but a reader ever became a writer."

What are Mentor Texts? A mentor text is a quality piece of writing that is used to teach students writing structures and reading/writing strategies. Mentor text gives exemplars of writing with engaging ideas, proper conventions, varied structures and types, rhetorical modes, organization, combining styles of writing or any aspect or domain of writing.
Mentor Text to Teach Writing

Teachers that need students to meet or exceed on state writing test must use mentor text with targeted and rigorous graphic organizers that spiral throughout the year to prepare students for ever more difficult State writing assessments. 

Mentor Text List By Grade Level

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Teacher made mentor text to motivate boys to write!
  1. Title: Dragons Through History
  2. A Short History of the Dagger
  3. A Short History of the Battle Axe
  4. A Short History of the English Longbow 
  5. A Short History of the Cross Bow
  6. Acquaint Yourself With The Medieval Weapons And Medieval Swords
  7. A History of the Hanseatic League
  8. The History Of The Army Green Berets
  9. The Days of the Phalanx – Ancient Greece weapons
  10. Myth or Fact the Abominable Snowman
  11. Myth or Fact the Voodoo Zombies
  12. Myth or Fact the Roswell Aliens
  13. Myth or Fact Ancient Aliens Created the Nazca Lines
  14. Title: The Gladiators – From History To Movies
  15. Title: The Philosophy of Samurai Swords
  16. Child Slavery and Your Chocolate Bar
  17. Child Labor and Your Jeans, Electronics, and Games
  18. Neil Aden Armstrong 1969: First Human on the Moon
  19. The Sonoran Desert Flora and Fauna
  20. Crocodile & Alligator Divergences

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