Sunday, January 11, 2015

Reading Comprehension Strategies Worth Teaching

Reading Comprehension Strategies 
What are the best “excellent readers” reading strategies? Can you teach your students to do what excellent readers do?  YES!
  1. Excellent readers are active and curious. Readers must read and reread out loud when learning best practice reading comprehension strategies. Reading must be a fun engaging activity, never a passive silent activity when teaching explicit reading comprehension strategies. 
  2. Amazing readers have a QUESTION or a goal in mind before they start reading. Students must use outlines, graphic organizers and or notes to evaluate, summarize, analyze and interpret their thoughts. Readers develop skills using STEAL characterization charts, illustrated setting story boards and story outlines when reading narratives. Readers develop skills using text features, question stems and deeper understanding of analytical vocabulary from Blooms and Webb's. 
  3. Ferocious readers notice every detail, text feature, word choice, literal and figurative language device the author is using. Students need repeated practice using socratic seminar questions to engage with text and learn the elements of reading and writing. 
  4. Erudite readers read for enjoyment and read as a hobby. Students that learn to imagine and bring literature to life what they are reading will be a reader for life. Students that get lost in a book will read  times as much as aliterate students. 
  5. Superb readers use dictionaries, thesaurus and friends, family and teachers to find out the meaning of unknown, words, phrases, idioms and figurative language. My special education reading teacher told me, "Stupid people don't ask questions" the message is sitting in ignorance is the last thing you want to do when learning to read!
  6. Fanatic readers want to summarize, predict, change, add, react and share great literature with friends, family and teachers. 
  7. Resilient readers look for innovative ways to make new knowledge and make connections with background knowledge. Readers on a mission, driven by curiosity to widen their scope of knowledge will get through vigorous challenging text. 
  8. Great readers touch the mind of the author and are forever wiser and smarter from the experience.

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