Thursday, March 26, 2015

Buddy, Partner or Paired Reading Anchor Charts

Buddy, Partner or Paired Reading: Building Wisdom, Knowledge and Fluency Together

Paired or Buddy reading is a powerful reading strategy in all grades. Many years of research show that it improves reading fluency, expression and word knowledge. The reading strategy is used to help struggling readers or emergent readers who lack fluency. This reading strategy is fast and simple and gets results fast, my students read aloud to each other daily. The buddy readers face back to front like cops cars, they monitor each others reading and finger tracking as they read.
Strategy: Buddy Reading

Definition: A more skilled reader models fluent reading for a less skilled reader, as in student-adult reading.

Two readers of equal ability can practice rereading a story after hearing the teacher read the passage.

Implementation Suggestions:

This strategy can be coupled with independent reading in which some students read independently and others read in pairs.

If possible, have a struggling reader in your class buddy read to a younger student at a lower grade level. With parental support, your students can practice reading at home to younger siblings or other younger relatives.

Buddy reading gives students an opportunity to read aloud. It is an effective strategy to practice oral reading fluency in preparation for an assessment.

Just like independent reading, make sure you give students a purpose for buddy reading, as well as a skill or strategy to focus on.

*Buddy Reading 
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*Fluency Routines
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*Recorded Reading
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*Repeated Reading
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*Phrasing Introduction
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