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Writing With Structure and Style Student Samples

How to Teach Writing to ALL your students! Teaching boys, Dyslexic students and struggling writers to love writing and yes pass the dreaded PARCC, Smarter Balanced or CCSS ELA writing TEST! 

 Writing with Structure and Style is a common sense approach to teaching writing. The writing program is the best curriculum I have piloted hands down, it is very easy for teachers to learn the linear, explicit direct instruction methods and models. Closing the writing gap simplified! I am amazed at how this common sense writing program helps lift struggling writers and motivates the can't or won't writers to thrive and love writing. The program is all about training the teacher and replacing piles of books and scripted lessons with high quality writing practices. It's easy, yes easy and fast to implement lessons that are fun for the students. One important aspect for many teachers is it's flexibility and prescriptive or corrective ability to close the achievement gap for all students. This writing curriculum will help your students write high quality essays that meet any common core assessment. The biggest selling point is it helps reluctant boys, readers and writers develop into confident readers and writers by teaching them to read and analyze text like writers. 
     The first two units on note taking and summarizing from notes are the best close reading strategies I have used with my students. Writing with Structures and Style is based on best practice that includes: K-12 teacher training, mentor text, college ready outlines, check list, rubrics and anchor text. Students learn quickly using a spiraling model that is a pedagogically sound. Students learn how to develop rich-beautiful language that ignites their passion for writing and makes my 4th grade class sound like high school students. My gifted writers and advanced readers, are teaching other students using the Structure and Style methods creating and amazing synergy that is contagious.  The advanced writers are know above and beyond their peers that are not using the methods. Teaching students to write is no longer a dread for my students and I have a new passion for writing instruction. 
    The Student Writing Intensive curriculum is IEW's "Writing Boot Camp" that will help students in a very fast linear way to succeed on any writing assignment or assessment. 

My 4th grade students are going to share excerpts from their 4th grade science reports and share what they have learned the last 5 weeks using the curriculum. 

Student Writing Samples: 5 weeks of IEW Lessons

Science Report Introduction 

Have you ever thought of what makes a potato chip crispy? My experiment is testing soaked potato v.s non soaked potato and which one will be more crispy. Washing potato slices will remove most starch consequently making it crunchy. Because the starch keeps the potato from becoming crispy and crunchy. Food science is extremely tasty! Why do you think people crave potato chips.

Let me educate you about food science because nutrition is extremely important. Potatoes have lots of lovely nutrition like protein, minerals, vitamin C, riboflavin, thiamine, niacin, calcium, potassium, phosphorus and magnesium. Who knew 1 potato could have all that nutrition! But frying  a potato ( Includes any vegetable ) will wipe out all the great nutrition. Potatoes are a important part of a healthy diet. Hopefully you eat potatoes everyday! Do you only use potatoes to make potato chips? 

You'll be amazed to learn how to make a healthy potato chips in a oven! My method of making thin, crispy chips is to bake them with olive oil which makes them tantalizing! The first step is to cut a big, tasty looking potato into long strips. Then pulp the potato slices into a large bowl of cold water ( Do the exact same thing just with warm water. ) Take the slippery potatoes and dry them extremely well with dishcloth. Now for the fun part, baking! Put them on a baking sheet and then preheat the oven to 425'F. Sprinkle a little bit of of sea salt and drizzle a bit of olive or canola oil ( Your choice! ) After that insert the soggy slices into the oven and wait for 15 - 20 minutes. Then take them out, and observe. Does the cold or warm water effect it?

Rosa 4th grade

Its fascinating to think and learn about electricity and magnetism. My experiment is to successfully design a serise circuit and a parallel circuit to test conductors and insulators. because electricity traves through conductors  it is not a open circuit or a short circuit phones or other devises do not work. electricity ultimately powers the world. why do you think the sun having a hicop destroys every circuit? 

My science experament is safely learning about conductors , insulators and different tipes of circuits. its facinating to learn and think about conductors and insulators. first let me talk about what is an insulator. an insulator is electricity that cant pass and shock you. now let me talk about what a conductor is. a conductor is when electricity can pass through a wire witch is the foundation of every circuit. now let me talk about a parallel circuit , a series circuit , an open circuit , a short circuit , and a closed circuit.a parallel circuit is a parallel wiring that allows the electric current to move through the wire. a sereis circuit is a circuit that when resistors are conected in a sieres. an open circuit is when a circuit is accidentally established beatween two points in an electric circuit. a closed circuit is a circuit providing a endless path for the flow of a current.
its facinating to explore how to make electric circuits conductors and insulators. i am cooking and designing a batch of electric squishy circuits. because playing with playdough is fun playing with electricole playdough is more jollit. do you think you can make a electric circuits?  Now let me tell you how , first get all your ingreadeants witch have to be cooked. one batch has acied and salt witch is the conductor the other dosent witch is the insulator. you might need to put conductive playdough with the insulating playdough to make the seriese circuit.  

Angela 4th 



Have you ever discovered that meteorologist can prediced the weather in 10 days in advanced.My experiment is measuing the humidity to see how meteorologist prediced the weather.Becuase it is impotant to prediced the weather incase people plan future events.Forecasting the weather is extremly important.Do you know what weather event kills more people?

You will understand more that every thing to do with weather,the height of the troposphere is always changing. Speaking the average height of troposphere around the world is 6 miles. Humidity is important for clouds because they are made of water that can be used to make
clouds we could have.

First I will attach the thermometers firmly to a small board or sturdy of Styrofoam. The bulbs of the thermometers should stick out past the end of the board .Then I will wrap the gauze around the bulb of one of the thermometers,and tape it in place. After that I will wet the gauze with water. then I will have my first wet bulb thermometer. To measure the relative humidity,air needs to be moving past the wet bulb that cauces evaporations. Then I will use a small fan to blow on two thermometers or see the Variations section for an alternative method. Take readings from the two thermometers at regular intervals. The dry bulb thermometers readings should remain constant. The wet bulb thermometers reading should stop chanding within 2or3 minutes .When the wet bulb reading is stable,write down both the dry bulb and the wet bulb readings.T o figure out the relative humidity I need to subtract the dry bulb reading from the wet bulb reading ,then use the table (Miami Museum of Science,2000),or use the online calculator referenced in Bibliography (Brice and Hall, date unknow).a. Note:for the online calculator ,you will also need to know the current barometric pressure at your location. If you don’t have your own barometer,you can make one ,or look up the information online .In the U.S., you can use the National Weather Service website  

Nicole 4th 


Have you ever wondered if there usually is a physical reaction when you lie? It is virtually impossible for the human race not to lie. People begin to lie convincingly at around the age of four. Have you ever detected when someone was lying to you? Obviously some lies are undeniably easier to detect than other lies.

The science of the human mind is extremely complex and mysterious. We as humans have only touch the surface of what the mind is capable of. Mankind have sought ways to discern the truth from the lies in individuals suspected of doing wrong. Various techniques have been tried over the centuries,many being cruel and unusual. Unfortunately in some cultures when you lie it can potentially lead to death.

My experiment is conducting a simple but precise lie-detector test using what was given to us from birth. I am going to demonstrate how to detect a lie by asking my volunteers to first write down three of their likes and dislikes. Then I will ask each volunteer to stand with me face to face at an arm distance. My volunteer will extend out their arm as I place my hand on top of their wrist. Finally I will ask my volunteer to say a few phrases while keeping their arm up as I apply constant pressure. Consequently I will be able to detect if each phrase is a lie or truth by the resistance or lack of when I apply pressure.

Julianna 4th 

You’d be fascinated to know more about using solar energy and power! My experiment is using the sun to cook a meal in my solar oven,consequently i’m saving electricity. Because saving electricity can be useful during times,and using a solar oven can be a fun way to cook a meal. Sun cookers are amazingly efficient! What are different ways of using the suns heat?

It’s incredible to think that solar ovens can be very useful in other places that don’t have gas stoves or ovens. Solar ovens work by the aluminum foil that reflects the suns light aiming it directly at the pot. Solar ovens have a shelf that serves two purposes,first it holds a pot second and most importantly it acts as a heat sink.The shelf then radiates the heat,and this radiant energy stays mostly trapped in the inner box which warms it. Solar ovens heat up to (>10C and 50F)

You’ll be amazed to know that solar ovens are fun to use and don’t take much time to build,i’m going to be talking about the procedures and materials that you will need to make this project. First you will need two boxes,you will need a big box and a smaller box. Next you will need to cut the big box in half in the middle of the top and bottom side of the box. Then you push the top and bottom side of the box together to make it exactly the same size as the smaller box. Finally you will need to cover inner box with aluminum foil so that the aluminum foil will absorb the suns heat,and you will also need to make the top lid for the solar oven. You will also need to put aluminum foil on the flap of the lid so that the suns light will reflect off the aluminum foil so that it can directly hit the pot the first attempt I will make in my solar oven is rice.

Esteban 4th 

     It’s fascinating to think and learn about electromagnetism, electricity,conductors insulator,and all circuits. My experiment is to safely construct circuits and a series circuits to test conductors and insulator. Because electricity can not travel through a conductors if it is an open circuits or a short circuits such as in radios tv’s phones and other elections. Electricity ultamatly powers the world .Why do you think having a coronal mass ejection would destroy all electronic devices?

 let me clarify what exactly a short circuit is and a parallel circuit. A short circuit is a electric cord made up of wires covered by an insulator. A parallel circuit is in a series circuit that light bulbs are placed one after the other. Now let me educate you about what is an insulator and what is a conductor. A insulator is a barrier to electricity. Now let me tell you what is a conductor a conductor is electricity that can pass through the wire.

It’s fascinating to learn about making your own elections light up playdough. Experimenting with two different types of play dough a conductor and an insulator. I am cooking a play dough with two badges to design a squishy circuit. Because playing with play dough is fun but playing with electric play dough is incredible fun! First let me tell you and teach you about how to make a conductive play dough and insulating play dough. All you need is a cooking pan and all kinds of mixing bowls to make your insulating play dough conductive. Cooking and insulating play dough and a conductive play dough is incredible fun! All you do is take a series circuit and turn it into three-dimensional structure.

Zeinab 4th 

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