Thursday, April 23, 2015


What IEW Is All About
At the Institute for Excellence in Writing, we train teachers to
model an oral and written pathway of communication which develops the language skills of all students through imitation to innovation. Because every teacher can use the method in his or her classroom, every parent can be confident that every student can learn to listen, speak, read, write, and think effectively and eloquently.

WHY I LOVE THIS WRITING PROGRAM: MY 4TH GRADE STUDENTS ARE WRITING LIKE ADROIT HIGH SCHOOL STUDENTS! The FEAR and WORRY of teaching and learning complex writing structures is replaced with confidence and skill!
What I love about IEW
  1. Mentor texts that are Socratic Seminar worthy. 
  2. No scripted lessons 
  3. Classroom ready lessons that are easy and fast to prepare 
  4. Close reading strategies that are easy to teach and result in deep understanding of complex text. 
  5. Easy to teach, fun for students and super effective. 
  6. Great student reference materials. 
  7. Professional development that is fun and saturated with classroom applications that are easily implemented. 
  8. Materials that are linear and spiraling

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