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Brainies: Whole Brain Teaching

Brainies: Whole Brain Teaching and Brain Based Learning

Brainies are a fun way to get students excited about learning and

Nicolas P. Rougier's Brain Art 
teachers, teaching high energy engaging lessons. Whole Brain Teaching (Gestalt) is an active way to engage all students using total physical responses (TPR). The entire class is actively listening, learning and highly engaged using a call and respond method of teacher-student interaction.

7 Principles of Whole Brain Teaching
  1. Class!-Yes! 
  2. The Five Rules 
  3. The Scoreboard “Game” (and more!) 
  4. Hands and Eyes! 
  5. Teach!-OK! Please!-OK!
  6. Mirror! 
  7. Switch!
The Mind behind Whole Brain Teaching!
Chris Biffle, a college educator with 40 years teaching experience, is the author of seven books on critical thinking, reading and writing. Over the last four decades, Chris has received grants from the U.S. Department of Education, the National Endowment for the Humanities, served on the Perseus Project when it was based at Harvard, and been featured on over 25 radio and television shows. 

In 2004, Chris led the "Save our Schools" 300-mile march on Sacramento protesting education budget cuts. He has been a lead presenter at over 100 Whole Brain Teaching conferences attended by 40,000 educators. Tens of thousands of instructors across the United States and around the world base their teaching methods on his ebooks available at


[PPT]Power Teaching
Western Carolina UniversityWhole Brain Teaching. Classroom Management. and. Brain Based Learning. What You Can Accomplish. A positive, effective classroom. A classroom where ...

[PDF]Whole Brain Teaching
Valdosta State UniversityWhole Brain. Teaching. Presented by. Shila Heeter and Nicole Efird. “Tell me and I forget. Teach me and I remember. Involve me and I learn.” -Benjamin Franklin.

[PPT]whole brain teaching
to. WHOLE BRAIN TEACHING. WHOLE BRAIN. TEACHING. Workshop. Facilitated. by. Maurice Azzano MA, BA, B.Ed.

Whole Brain Teaching: Overview Videos

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