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Daily Mini Writing Lessons Adverbs and Adjectives

Daily Mini Writing Lessons Adverbs and Adjectives | Morning Bell Work Mini Writing Lessons 

A writing mini-lesson should last around 10-15 minutes.  

Have your students take out a pen and paper at the beginning of each class and start writing a mini letter to themselves about positive learning aspects, things they are grateful for, areas of accomplishment and strengths, areas they want to improve and mind, body, and spirit insights. Have students quickly brainstorm the type of student they want to be and the things they are curios about learning during the week. Use premade word-list for emergent writers to speed the writing process. 

Adverbs and Adjectives Definitions

An adjective is a word or group of words that modifies (adds or changes) a noun or pronoun.

Effulgent: brilliantly radiant

An adverb is a word or group of words that modifies (adds or changes) verbs, adjectives, or other adverbs.

Giftedly: skillfully accomplished

Monday: Adverbs and Adjectives Mini Writing Lessons

Write a friendly letter to yourself about what you desire to learn during the week, include a greeting, salutation and exactly three sentences. The three sentences must have at least seven words each and you must use one adverb and adjective. The focus and theme of the letter is a positive affirmation of learning!

Check List and Scoring Rubric

Student Full Name                                   Date (Month Day, Year)

     Dear (Name of Recipient),

Sentence 1

Sentence 2

Sentence 3

Closing (Sincerely...),

Writing Checklist

Monday: Mini Lesson Focus Adverbs and Adjectives
  • The letter is addressed and formatted properly with full name and today’s date 5 points
  • The letter has a (opening) greeting and (closing) salutation in the proper place 5 points
  • The letter has three sentences with at least 7 words and an adverb and adjective 5 points
  • The hand writing is neat and easy to read and all sentences are double spaced 5 points
  • 95% of all the words spelled correctly 5 points
  • The Letter is imaginative and uses advanced vocabulary 5 Extra Credit Points
25 Points A
20 Points B
15 Points C
10 Points D
0-5 Points F

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