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Grade 3 NC EOG Reading Test | Reading Released Practice Test


NC CCSS ELA Grade 3 Practice EOG Reading Test and Reading Test Vocabulary | Printable PDF EOG Grade 3 Reading Test

NC GRADE 3 EOG Reading test prep starts with Tier 2 and 3 Academic reading test vocabulary word-work! Students that lack a deep understanding of Academic Reading Vocabulary will struggle passing end of grade standardized reading test. This can be exacerbating to student, teachers and parents. Success on all NC EOG Test relies on studying over time critical academic vocabulary that is embedded in rich text based reading lessons. Academic reading vocabulary is king when you want your students to succeed on today's rigorous reading assessments.

Tier 1 Academic Vocabulary: Basic words that commonly appear in spoken language. Because they are heard frequently in numerous contexts and with nonverbal communication, Tier 1 words rarely require explicit instruction.Examples of Tier 1 words are clock, baby, happy and walk.

Tier 2 Academic Vocabulary: Less high frequency words used by mature language users across several academic content areas. Because of their lack of redundancy in oral language and their multiple meaning or descriptive nature, Tier 2 words present challenges to students who primarily meet them in print and on test. Examples of Tier 2 words are obvious, complex, establish and verify. Blooms and Webb's DOK verbs are integral to any successful reading instruction or intervention.
Tier 3 Academic Vocabulary: Low Frequency words that are not frequently used except in specific academic content areas or domains. Tier 3 words are central to building backgrounds knowledge and conceptual understanding within the various academic domains and should be integral to instruction of content. Medical, legal, biology and mathematics terms are all examples of these words.

Links to PDF Academic Word List 
The Tennessee Academic Vocabulary Project
NWEA MAP Test VOCABULARY for the Web-based MAP® system
Oklahoma Academic Vocabulary Suggested Words and Terms Marzano based list
The Tennessee Academic Vocabulary Project Prepared for the State of Tennessee Department of Education by Marzano & Associates

NWEA Academic Vocabulary
NWEA Academic Vocabulary
NWEA Reading Test Questions
CST and CAHSEE Academic Vocabulary
Academic Vocabulary At a Glance – New Vocabulary Words by RIT Bands for Reading
ISAT Reading Vocabulary List (Word) doc

ISAT Language Usage Vocabulary List (Word)
ISAT Math Vocabulary List (Word)

Grade 3
Fiction (pdf, 457kb)
Fiction (pdf, 121kb)
Nonfiction (pdf, 438kb)
Poetry (pdf, 439kb)
Content (pdf, 443kb)
Content (pdf, 463kb)
Consumer (pdf, 489kb)
Grade 4
Fiction (pdf, 464kb)
Fiction (pdf, 430kb)
Nonfiction (pdf, 443kb)
Poetry (pdf, 439kb)
Content (pdf, 525kb)
Content (pdf, 447kb)
Consumer (pdf, 457kb)
Grade 5
Fiction (pdf, 432kb)
Nonfiction (pdf, 497kb)
Poetry (pdf, 443kb)
Content (pdf, 604kb)
Content(pdf, 649kb)
Consumer (pdf, 458kb)
Grade 6
Fiction (pdf, 495kb)
Fiction (pdf, 455kb)
Nonfiction (pdf, 448kb)
Poetry (pdf, 460kb)
Content (pdf, 528kb)
Content (pdf, 453kb)
Consumer (pdf, 444kb)
Grade 7
Fiction (pdf, 446kb)
Nonfiction (pdf, 449kb)
Poetry (pdf, 432kb)
Poetry ( pdf, 441kb)
Content (pdf, 444kb)
Content (pdf, 548kb)
Consumer (pdf, 458kb)
Grade 8
Fiction (pdf, 482kb)
Nonfiction (pdf, 461kb)
Poetry (pdf, 480kb)
Content (pdf, 451kb)
Consumer (pdf, 484kb)

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