Monday, September 7, 2015

101 Ultimate Tips For Teachers!

Adroit List of Successful Teaching Tips! 

First Rule: When in doubt or unsure, fake it, your students will never know. 

1. Borrow the very best ideas from top teachers! No teacher is, or should ever be an Island!

2. Develop, find and strive to grow a growth mindset in yourself and your students. 

3. Have fun teaching and make learning fun. 

4. Never settle for anything less than your very best for yourself or your students. 

5. Never appease or compromise on what is important or is in the best interest of your students.  

6. Read daily for self improvement, inspiration, personal growth, professional development and joy.  

7. Expect the very best, always plan for the worst. 

More to come! Please share your ideas! 

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