Saturday, September 19, 2015

Building Hispanic Student Success

10 Proven Solutions for Hispanic Student Success!
  1. First things first, find out what is important to your students and
    tie their dreams and aspirations to academic success. Show them real academic success comes from a growth mindset, not teacher mendacity and inflated grades. If you want Rocket Scientist treat your students like Rocket Scientist! 
  2. Super stellar expectations and generously/exacting high standards! Teachers must believe hard that high teacher expectations will inspire and push students to believe in themselves. A daily mantra to repeat to your students, Your success requires extensive study and intense adroit/intellectual effort, you can and will reach the highest academic levels through self actualization! Your students will thrive every-time when you challenge them and believe they are capable. 
  3. Find, target and fix specific academic problems early and often that hinder academic progress using vigorous best teaching practice. Special education teachers, ELL teachers, intervention teachers and classroom teachers need to find dynamic ways to brainstorm, share and work together to help students. 
  4. Hands on, fun, real world, novel, challenging, vigorous and engaging curriculum, not canned workbooks pages, endless copies of teacher made busy work, computer curriculum and truncated one size fits all basal reading and math curriculum. 
  5. Teachers, Parents, Administrators and Students Must Grow Daily! A school Growth Mindset is the belief that academic success is based on meaningful hard work, asynchronous learning, hard and soft skills training and doggedness determination by all parties!
  6. Vision is a hallmark of leadership, students will follow a teacher through thick and thin if they believe they have a vision of success and a real path to the winners circle. When your vision is "mandated" and developed in a London or New York boardroom you will need great ambition, charm, charisma and teacher genius to lead your students to success. One size fits all fits no one! 
  7. Be very flexible and dynamic in meeting the short term and long term needs of your students. Reading Boot Camp RTI, BRIGANCE® Diagnostic. COMPREHENSIVE INVENTORY OF. BASIC SKILLS and Writing with Structure and Style (IEW) are my Tools for student successes!
  8. Creating daily asynchronous learning opportunities for all students that includes student initiated and student selected opportunities in the arts, handicrafts, music, dance, theater, sciences and imaginative play. 
  9. Success is easy when students are imaginative, motivated and curious, they must believe they are absolutely capable. Students come to school curious, motivated and ready for hard work that is fun, what we do with that creates success. 
  10. Cooperative learning, Whole Brain Teaching, flexible schedules with dynamic project based and problem based lessons that engages the students curiosity and imagination are my students secret for success. Project and problem based learning should include risk taking and opportunities to overcome failure!

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