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What tier 3 words should teachers teach in Grades 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, and 6? | Why are TIER 3 Reading Vocabulary so important for High test scores? Teaching Tier 3 Words Using Game Cards!

    Tier 3 Academic Words are low-frequency content specific
words.  Tier 3 words are specific to fields of study like Math, Science, Social Studies, Reading, and Writing. Tier 3 words are central to building BACKGROUND knowledge and conceptual understanding within the various academic domains and should be integral to any instruction to develop adroit READING comprehension skills. Metaphor, simile, personification are all terms relating to tier 3 Academic Reading Vocabulary.

Tier 2 and tier 3 Academic words are broken down by RIT level and are used by Pearson, PARCC, Smarter Balanced and 99% of all published test to assess students standardized reading scores. 
     One of my amazing turnaround stories is about a passionate ESL student that grew over 4 years on the NEWA MAP reading test in 20 days. The student moved into our district from a turnaround school that had received an F-rating (NCLB). Her mother was afraid she was getting so far behind she would fail the 4th grade if she stayed at her school.
    My students receive a teacher made "4th-grade speller" that contains the complete list of Tier 1 words for the 3rd, 4th, and 5th-grade plus the complete list of K-8 Tier 2 and Tier 3 academic vocabulary words. The speller is a collection of vocabulary and glossaries students use during my Reading Boot Camp and during the year for most word work. My new student took it upon herself to use the speller to make her own flash cards for any unknown tier 3 words she did not know. She made about 6-12 game flashcards in class as part of our daily Reading Boot Camp word work lessons and she made 10 every night. This student was not your average students, she arrived with a real passion and a drive to learn.
     My objective is to make learning activities fun, I try to turn everything into an engaging activity or game, so that same principal holds true for our tier 3 word work. My amazing student created and studied 140 flashcards (Game Cards) that contained 1st-grade Tier3 words through 8th-grade Tier 3 words. This was all done during the first 20 days of school, her reading rit scores grew from 193 to 237(NWEA MAP Reading Test)! 
    The flashcards students create are used for all tradition board games, the vocabulary study cards are used In lieu of dice. If a student answers correctly they get to move forward!  
     Writing down your thoughts, ideas, research, and even a terms
denotation using multiple modalities is always best instructional reading practice. When you use your hands to take notes, that makes you stop and think, you must process using your eyes and hands two very powerful brain modalities. Then you review and reread and study what you have created, you are reading with your eyes, ears and voice. Using your hands, eyes, ears and voice strengthen learning and retention. Thinking with your hands or what I call the wisdom of your hands is especially important for ESL students and LD students. Connecting your learning and processing with your hand's powers up your memory and the retention of content. Self-quizzing (Self-Testing): is one of the most powerful brain-based learning tools to make learning permanent. 

Links to PDF Academic Word List

Prepared for the State of Tennessee Department of Education by Marzano & Associates

NWEA Academic Vocabulary
NWEA Academic Vocabulary
NWEA Reading Test Questions
CST and CAHSEE Academic Vocabulary
Academic Vocabulary At a Glance – New Vocabulary Words by RIT Bands for Reading
ISAT Reading Vocabulary List (Word) doc

ISAT Language Usage Vocabulary List (Word)
ISAT Math Vocabulary List (Word)

Tier 3 Academic Math Vocabulary from Granite Schools Utah
Math Vocabulary Cards

Kindergarten CCSS Vocabulary Word List
Vocabulary Cards Kindergarten
1st Grade

1st Grade CCSS Vocabulary Word List
Vocabulary Cards 1st Grade A-L
Vocabulary Cards 1st Grade M-Z
2nd Grade

2nd Grade CCSS Vocabulary Word List
Vocabulary Cards 2nd Grade A-L
Vocabulary Cards 2nd Grade M-Z
3rd Grade

3rd Grade CCSS Vocabulary Word List
Vocabulary Cards 3rd Grade A-L
Vocabulary Cards 3rd Grade M-Z
4th Grade

4th Grade CCSS Vocabulary Word List
Vocabulary Cards 4th Grade A-L
Vocabulary Cards 4th Grade M-Z
5th Grade

5th Grade CCSS Vocabulary Word List
Vocabulary Cards 5th Grade A-L
Vocabulary Cards 5th Grade M-Z

6th Grade

6th Grade CCSS Vocabulary Word List
Vocabulary Cards 6th Grade A-L
Vocabulary Cards 6th Grade M-Z
7th Grade

7th Grade CCSS Vocabulary Word List
Vocabulary Cards 7th Grade A thru M
Vocabulary Cards 7th Grade N thru Z
8th Grade

8th Grade CCSS Vocabulary Word List
Vocabulary Cards 8th Grade A thru L
Vocabulary Cards 8th Grade M thru Z

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