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CLOCK PARTNERS: Socratic Seminar

CLOCK PARTNERS: Clock "buddies" Friends is a fast way to
create cooperative discussion pairs for quick shared learning activities. Students need to learn the skills of generating HOT questions, asking effective questions, engaging in academic dialogue and collaboration. One simple way to get students up and moving and encourage active engagement in discussions for all students is to use Clock Partners.

1. Partners are chosen by giving each student a clock handout with a blank line next to each hour. After passing out the clock handout, ask students to write their name in the center of the clock.

2. Each student mingles with classmates finding 4-8-12 discussion buddies or collaboration partners. Have each student find a buddy and ask them to write their names on the hours of the clock. Students should have a mixed group of buddies, boys discussing with girls and vice versa. The total amount of time slots depends on the class size or follow-up groups, the teacher determines how many time slots are used. My rules: Students cannot use the same buddy twice, select a buddy that gets them into trouble, and all hours must be filled in.

The Clocks Partner sheets can be placed in the students Socratic Seminar Binders and, or placed in their Response to Literature Journals. This is used anytime the teacher wants students engaged in a quick Socratic discussion.

When the teacher calls “5 o'clock buddy” students needs to quickly find their discussion partner. Students look at their clock partner sheet, find the 5 o’clock name and quickly join their partners in 10-20 seconds or less. This only works when students practice and model the transition, turning it into a game of speed. The procedures and Socratic discussion strategies are set up with modeled repeated practice. The Students or Teacher asks a HOT question stem, students have 2-3 minutes to discuss the ideas.

1. What is the author’s purpose of this text …?
2. What is a fascinating fact you discovered in this passage…..and share an opinion?
3. What conclusions can your draw from your reading…?
4. What statement did you rank as most relevant?
5. What affect or motive are there in the characters actions?
6. What details or statements helped you infer the main idea or theme of the passage?
7. What is the narrator/author/character opinion….?
8. Why does the narrator/author/character believe….?

The Clocks Partner sheets can be placed in the students Socratic Seminar Binders, or placed in their Response to Literature Journals. The Teacher asks a HOT question stem, students have 2-3 minutes to discuss.

3. The teacher calls “5 o'clock buddy” students needs to quickly find their new discussion partner within 10 seconds.

What appears to be the theme of this passage…?
What is likely the reason for…..?
Which relevant statements support the ideas/opinions…?
What pathetic fallacies come out in the passage?
What consistencies and inconsistencies appear in the passage?
“Pathetic fallacy is a tier 3 academic word found in CCSS Reading Assessments” The phrase pathetic fallacy is a literary term for the attributing of human emotion and conduct to all aspects within nature. It is a kind of personification that is found in poetic writing when, for example, clouds seem sullen, when leaves dance, or when rocks seem indifferent.


Socratic Seminar Basics
1. Speak Clearly and Discuss Questions and Ideas: Use Socratic Seminar Sentence Frames to get the discussion started 

2. Attentively Listen and Recap or Ask Further Questions

3. Stay on Topic and Ask for clarification when puzzled

4. Acknowledge and praise your partner

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