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90-minute reading blocks are a critical part of any successful
reading program. The 90-minute or 120-minute reading blocks need to be a revered time, it should be totally uninterrupted, it is one of the most important systemic changes struggling schools need to adopt. Schools that need intensive reading intervention schoolwide should be doing two 90-minute reading blocks daily or a 120-minute reading block at a minimum. Uninterrupted means no special education pull-outs, no specials, and no interruptions. 

"Converging research and evidence shows that the most effective teachers are those that deliver reading instruction with the greatest density. Density addresses pacing, content rigor, and instructional delivery. Dense reading instruction systematically delivers explicit concepts and implicit concepts, questions, directions and is scaffolded over time. And it differentiates across the classroom. Those most at-risk students require instruction with the greatest density and also requires vastly more daily reading instruction."

[PDF]Welcome to the session “90 Minutes Plus.” Reading First teachers all ...
90 minutes of uninterrupted reading instruction per day in order for sufficient student ... Consequently, the reading block may require the minimum standard of 90.

[PDF]Elementary 90-minute Reading Block Template - Building RTI
2008 University of Texas System/Texas Education Agency. Elementary 90-Minute Reading BlockTemplate. Range of. Time. Class Configuration. Teacher-Led.

An Example of the 90 Minute Reading Block | LD Topics | LD OnLine
120-minute block: 90 minute reading block with extended time for immediate intensive intervention (120 minutes total). See printable PDF of 120-minute block.

[PDF]Tier 1: 90-Minute Reading Block (This is an example format and ...
Office of Reading and Literacy. Tier 1: 90-Minute Reading Block. (This is an example format and should be based on the needs of your students). Instruction.

[PDF]Example: 90 minute Reading Block with Extended Time for Immediate ...
Example: 90 minute Reading Block with Extended Time for Immediate Intensive. Intervention (120 minutes total). Instruction. Possible. Range of. Time.

[PDF]What is the research regarding the uninterrupted 90-minute reading ...
instructional time AND elementary; 90-minute reading block AND elementary ... 1.pdf. Summary/Abstract: The Massachusetts Department of ...

[PDF]An Academic Support Plan for K-3 Readers 90 Minute Reading Block ...
Just Read, Florida! recommends at least a 90 minute reading block for K-5 students. In addition to the

[PDF]90 Minute Literacy B lock
Be sure to include at least 20 minutes of independent reading fluency practice to ... This instruction is in addition to the 90 minute literacy block requirement.

[PDF]90-Minute Reading Block - Smekens Education
about Indiana's K-6 Reading Framework and the 90-minute reading block. ... 90-minute block: whole group instruction, small group support, and independent ...

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