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Academic Behavior Checklist (PDF and doc)

Academic Behavior Checklist (PDF and doc)

Academic and Behavioral Checklist (pdf and doc): A useful teacher and parent checklist and screen of academic skills and behaviors that students may need extra assistance with. The academic screen can also be used as an aide for teachers that may need to document areas of concern before suggesting students for special education or further interventions. Schools that focus on improving a student's academic behavior will empower teachers, students, and parents to help each child thrive academically. Schools that place a greater focus on academic behavior find poor social behavior improves greatly

Academic Behavior: Attention/Work Quality and Care/Work Ethic

  1. More interested or focused on being “done” and not focused on learning

  1. Does not listen, pay attention, or follow oral lessons in class

  1. Does not follow visual lessons on board or has difficulty with visual steps

  1. Rarely completes class or homework assignments

  1. Rarely does their best work on assignments, rushes, and or is careless

  1. Endless excuses, lies, blames others for not getting work done

  1. Demands repetitive explanation of instructions and assignments

  1. Easily loses focus and is distracted from task by ordinary classroom stimuli

  1. Inability to reason logically

  1. Difficulty integrating sound and movement (auditory and kinesthetic learning)

  1. Difficulty changing to another academic task

  1. Does not grasps visual-spatial concepts (penmanship, arts, crafts, coloring)

  1. Difficulty integrating sight and sound (visual and auditory learning)

  1. Has difficulty with oral directions

  1. Has difficulty with written instructions

  1. Has difficulty grasping concrete language concepts

  1. Has difficulty grasping conceptional language concept

  1. Has poor ‘self-efficacy’ does not seek help or ask questions

  1. Has poor intrinsic motivation, no self-persuasion skills to engage in work

  1. Has poor extrinsic motivation, positive or negative rewards are not effective to engage student to do wor

[PDF]The Academic Behavior Checklist (ABC) - Melmed Center
The Academic. Behavior Checklist (ABC). Today's Date: ... Rating Code: 0 = Above Average 1= Average 2= Problematic. Classroom behavioral performance: 0.

[PDF]Academic Behavior Checklist Student: Grade: Team/Teacher: Check ...
Academic Behavior Checklist. Student: Grade: Team/Teacher: Check the skills the student has difficulty in. Complete the rating scale for each skill checked:.

[DOC]Behavior Checklist
Please list positive behaviors or behavior strengths that the student displays: Please select frequency in which the following behaviors are displayed in your ...

[DOC]School & Behavior Problems Checklist - Bluestem Center
School & Behavior Problems Checklist *. Bluestem ..... Person completing this side of questionnaire. \\Mid_tower\c\10-Administrative\FORMS\PA-TE-Q2.DOC.

[DOC]Classroom Checklist classroom_checklist.doc
Classroom Checklist. Student: Grade: Teacher: ... Signal systems (song, hand signals,) Functional Analysis of problem behaviors. Classroom Checklist Page 2.

[DOC]classroom management checklist.doc - Oregon Reading First Center
Minor problem behaviors managed positively, consistently & quickly. 10. ... Allocated instructional time involves active academic engagement with quick paced ...

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