Saturday, October 21, 2017


Dear Teachers,

I think the whole school should do READING BOOT CAMP; 
Mexican pizza
because I went from a 210 to a 234 (NWEA MAP) and my reading Lexile went from a 685 to a 1110 in 20 days! In the morning we get out what we call a speller. A speller is a book filled with words, fluency drills, poems, national reading vocabulary and kung fu words (Tier 2 & Tier 3 academic vocabulary), kung fu words are academic words by grade level we need to MASTER that are really hard. Another thing we do is we sit in cop cars cop cars are when one chair is facing one way and the other chair the other way. We do cop cars so both partners could see the text. When we have time we go to 2nd-grade classes like Mrs. Kirkendall's class.We also go to Mrs. Benoit's class we even sung a song with them and put it on youtube. We sing songs with them to help them read more fluently, to help them read with expression and to help them learn English. Mr.Taylor on the first weeks of school for homework gave us a book with really hard fairy tailes. That is called the blue fairy book.after READING BOOTCAMP it made reading a book more easy. Another book we read is Because Of Winn Dixie. It's about a girl that just moved to a new place, doesn't have any friends, that ends up meeting a dog that helps her meet friends. Mr. Taylor gives us all the same book to make sure kids are reading and so our partner can ask us questions and we can understand the question is about (essential questions). Are you wondering how we do our fluency test? What we do is we sit in cop cars (Kagan cooperative learning). Mr.Taylor gives us one minute on the board. And we read the passage. At the end, our partner tells us how we did on our words. Mr.Taylor gave us American juku to help us with our reading comprehension (Socratic seminars using released EOG test questions ). Juku in Japan is like additional school to them. Vocabulary sparkle is another one of the fun things we did. Vocabulary sparkle is when Mr. Taylor gives us a word and we have to define so we know if we studied the word and we really studied.We get it right we get a spice drop and if we don't we have to sit down. My favorite reward is Mexican pizza. Mexican pizza is a flour tortilla with cheese pepperoni and jalapenos, the only way you get some is if you work hard. Some songs we have learned are What the World Needs now and Across the universe. We put what the world needs now on youtube and sing along. If you think all of that was fun give reading boot camp a chance and tell everyone to do reading boot camp. 9/22/2010

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