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TerraNova Practice Test Terra Nova Test

TerraNova: Terra Nova Practice Test Grades 3, 4, 5, 6, 7 & 8 : Reading, Math, English Language Arts (ELA), Science

The TerraNova Test is a series of standardized achievement tests used in the United States designed to assess K-12 student achievement in reading, language arts, mathematics, science, social studies, vocabulary, spelling, and other areas. The test series is published by CTB/McGraw-Hill. TerraNova was created with an update in 1996 CTB to the California Achievement Tests and the California Tests of Basic Skills. Wiki

Why Students Fail the Terra Nova Reading Test? Passing Terra Nova  Reading ELA test!

MCAS 2015 Released Items

Grade 3
English Language Arts
Grade 4
English Language Arts
Grade 5
English Language Arts
Science and Technology/Engineering
Grade 6
English Language Arts
Grade 7
English Language Arts
Grade 8
English Language Arts
Science and Technology/Engineering
Grade 10
English Language Arts
High School
Introductory Physics

TerraNova ELA, Reading and Math Practice Test
Grade 3 Language Arts   Language Arts Key   Reading   Reading Key   Math   Math Key
Grade 4 Language Arts   Language Arts Key   Reading   Reading Key   Math   Math Key
Grade 5 Language Arts   Language Arts Key   Reading   Reading Key   Math   Math Key
Grade 6 Language Arts   Language Arts Key   Reading   Reading Key   Math   Math Key
Grade 7 Language Arts   Language Arts Key   Reading   Reading Key   Math   Math Key
Grade 8 Language Arts   Language Arts Key   Reading   Reading Key   Math   Math Key


MCAS Release of Spring 2012 Test Items
High Frequency Standardized Testing Vocabulary

This is a list of No Excuses Testing Vocabulary for the 3rd , 4th , 5th and 6th Grade. The Testing Vocabulary is the Tier 2 Academic Vocabulary for Reading and ELA Testing, it does not contain the Tier 3 Testing Vocabulary. You will also need to study the Tier 3 Academic Testing Vocabulary for thorough test prep. Students with developing reading skills or second language learners may need extra instruction to gain the full meaning of these words.


Almost; for the most part; nearly.
My homework is mostly done.

For the most part; chiefly; primarily.
The band's members are mainly girls.

Not alike; dissimilar; not identical.
I didn't recognize her at first because her hair was so different.

The bottom support of anything; foundation; basis.
He based his answer on the dictionary definition.

The listing of things by some characteristic, eg., first letter; size, color, age.
The student names were listed in alphabetical order.

The portion of written matter dealing with one idea, usually beginning with an indentation on a 

new line.
The paragraph had an excellent topic sentence.

Regular; typical or everyday activity
Singing is part of the routine in Mr. Taylor's class.

A person who talks or is talking.
Mrs. Kuhn was the speaker at the school assembly.

most likely
Best chance of happening; highest probability.
If you don't do your homework, you will most likely get into trouble in Mr. Taylor's class.

Something to be learned or studied; part of a book, an exercise, etc., assigned for study.
The math lesson for today is long division.

To propose an idea for consideration.
Please suggest methods for encouraging students to do their homework.

Likening; reviewing similarities.
There is no comparison between driving and flying to New York.

To tell about; to list important characteristics; to draw a picture to represent something.
Please describe Rio Vista Elementary School.

The reason for doing something; the reason something exists or is done, made, used, etc.
The purpose for homework is to give students practice in reading, writing, and arithmetic.

A person or thing that has been chosen.
Harry Potter and the Sorcerer's Stone is one book selection for Mr. Taylor's class.

Pluto is no longer a planet, according to a new definition.

Something that happens; an occurrence, especially one of importance.
The Science Fair is a big event at Rio Vista Elementary School.

A part that is cut off or separated; a part of a book or newspaper.
I like to read the sports section in the newspaper.

Setting forth facts, etc., in a speech or writing; a single sentence or assertion.
Mrs. Kuhn issued a statement about the school performance at the last fire drill.

main idea
The most important thought of a paragraph, article, or  larger written work.
The topic sentence expresses the main idea in a paragraph.

To look at two or more objects to see how they are alike and different.
Mr. Taylor asked the class to compare Arizona and New Mexico.

To identify the differences between two or more things.
Mr. Taylor asked the class to contrast the Harry Potter and Malfoy characters.

Used to identify the best of three or more objects, people, etc.
The University of Kansas beat Kentucky and was the greatest college basketball team in 2012.

A statement, picture in words, or account that tells us how something looks, sounds, smells, thinks, etc.
Jose gave a description of the speeding car to the police.

Thought about or decided upon with care.
Louis considered whether or not to have a soda with his lunch.

To put things in order; people in a group with structure, e.g., a union or sports team.
It's easier to find something in an organized backpack than one with everything thrown in.

To put in order; to put individual items into some order.
Mr. Taylor organizes his class by assigning tables.

A basis or cause for some belief, action, event, etc.
The reason given most often for not having a journal in class is that it was left in a car.

On the condition or understanding; often with that.
You will avoid problems in Mr. Taylor's class, provided you do your homework and behave in class.

To keep from happening; to stop.
Preventing war is the goal of many people.

To stand for; to present a picture to the mind.
A student was chosen to represent the class in the school council.

Chooses; settles.
My mother decides what we're going to have for dinner.

The subject of a composition; a short essay; the main idea or topic.
The importance of graduating from high school was the theme of  of the TV show.

The past tense of present; to give; to hand over.
Winners of sports tournaments are usually presented with trophies.

Two or more words in a sentence which act together as a unit.
Long sentences contain several phrases.

turning point
The place in a story where a decisive change occurs; a change of direction.
The turning point in the story was the car accident.

Single items that represent a group of similar items; a pattern or model.
There are several examples of good behavior in Mr. Taylor's class.

To foretell the future; declare of tell in advance.
Many basketball fans predicted that Kentucky would win the NCAA basketball tournament.

The reason something happens; the reason for an action.
You can cause a forest fire if you don't make certain your camp fire is out.

Result; to produce results.
We do not know how much effect that CO2 produced by man has on the climate.

To be unlike; to disagree in opinion or belief.
Students often differ with the grades they've been given.

A piece of writing about a specific topic; an individual item.
Mr. Taylor asked the class to write an article about the University of Arizona farm across from the school.

A shortened version of a book, article, or paragraph which includes only the most important 

We have to write a summary about the main idea for each chapter in the book we are reading.

Usually a line drawing to illustrate a mathematical idea, or to explain the parts or operation of something.
A diagram usually helps explain the answer to a science problem.

Orders; directions; passing on knowledge or information.
Mr. Taylor has given instructions many times on the required Read and Response format.

Instructions; the path to follow; steps to complete a project.
Many students do not follow the science report directions.

Likely; more likely than not.
If you do not do your homework, Mr. Taylor will probably talk to your parents.

A small, individual part; an item.
Responses in Mr. Taylor's class must include a topic sentence and five sentences with detail about the topic sentence.

Holds up; justifies; provides a foundation for.
Mr. Taylor supports reading improvement by assigning challenging books to his class.

A work or group of words naming something; a division of the school year.
There is a Latin term for each part of the human body.

A statement of the meaning of a word or phrase.
You sometimes have to use the Oxford English Dictionary to find the definition of a word.

Near;  close by.
The students closely followed each other out of the classroom when the fire alarm rang. 


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