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High Incidence Academic Vocabulary

Academic English Testing Vocabulary List

High Frequency English Academic Vocabulary
Kid-Friendly Glossary & Examples
(Tier 2) Level One

To study something carefully in order to understand it or learn more about it.
"Elise needed to analyze the test question  -  What exactly was the question asking for?"

To move closer to someone or something.
"Mr. Kyes will approach Mr. Taylor to ask if Damian is at grade level."

The measurement of the surface inside the boundaries of something (square units) .
"Mrs. Garcia's kitchen wall was eight feet high and ten feet wide;  to paint this wall she needed a can of paint to cover an area of eighty square feet.

To judge or figure out the value of something, both good and bad values.
"The coach had to assess his players to decide which one would play first base."

To suppose that something is true without checking first. "Ellie assumed that she would get a high score on her math test without studying, but her score was low...

The right or power to make rules and see that the rules are followed. "Mr. Taylor has authority in his class;  the Fire Department has authority at a fire scene."

Able to be used or gotten. "The last Harry Potter movie should be really exciting, but it's not available yet."

Something that helps good to happen.
"Suzette was great at playing soccer;  a real benefit to her team!"

An idea or thought. " 'Is that your concept of fair play?' shouted the coach when Elton intentionally tripped the runner." consist
To be made up of something. "Her favorite chocolate fudge consists of sugar, corn syrup, cocoa, butter, milk, and chopped walnuts."

To be something or a part of something.
" 'Helping me to get up does not constitute an apology!' said Elsbet angrily, after Harry had knocked her down."

The words and phrases that surround a word or sentence, and help to understand the meaning of the word or sentence. "I said that I don't trust dishonest people, not that I don't trust all people;  you've taken the words out of context!"

A document of formal or legal agreement.
"Mr. and Mrs. Young signed a contract with the apartment owner. The Young’s agreed to pay rent each month for a year, and the owner agreed that they could live in the apartment for a year."

To make something. "In art class Ms. Miller explained how to create a cereal bowl from wet, grey clay."

Information, often in the form of facts or numbers. "Mr. Taylor wrote down the class test scores in his notebook, and then entered that data in his computer."

To describe something exactly. "That row of barbed-wire fence defines the edge of Grandpa's field."

To get something from a source. "The word  'home'  derives from an Old English word which meant a place to lie down and rest."

To give something out to a number of people. "Mr. Taylor will distribute  'Kid-Friendly Glossary & Examples' sheets to his class."

Getting something done in the most effective way, with the best results for the amount of effort, money, and material used.
"Harry was the best jumper on our track team;  he smoothly cleared the top rail of the high jump with great economy of motion."

All that surrounds something. "The aquarium tank contains the environment of Patrick's angel fish;  the forest  is the environment of the crested woodpecker."
Establish To start or set up something that is meant to last a long time. "The University of Michigan was established in 1834."

A rough calculation, an educated guess.
"Nine years old is my estimate of Theo's age."

Obvious or easy to understand. "He couldn't answer any of his partner's questions.  It was evident that Jake hadn't read his assignment."

To send goods for sale to another country.
"Mr. Stevens needed to update his export license before he could sell his wheat to Portugal."

Something that is part of what makes another thing happen. "Eating a balanced diet and exercising are factors in staying healthy." Also, "Not paying attention in class and not doing homework are factors in failing a test."

To raise or provide money for something or someone. "I'd like to buy that new truck, but I don't think I can finance that much money right now."

A rule that is written in symbols and numbers. "The formula for the area of a rectangle is  A  =  b * h "  (area = base * height)."

The purpose for which something is designed or used. "The function of the school bus is to carry students to and from school."

To recognize and name something or somebody. "Hector identified the jacket that he had lost; it was in the school's  'Lost and Found'  box."

Money received over a period of time for work done or goods sold. "Todd worked part-time that summer and earned an income of $300. "

To show or point out something. "Jasmine said that she liked her aunt's cake, but her sour face indicated that she really didn't like it." Also, "The thermometer indicates that it's a very hot day."

To find or explain the meaning of something.  Also, to translate the meaning of words from one language into another language.
"The poem wrote about flowers and winds, but at the poetry reading the poem was interpreted to be about sadness and loneliness. " Also, "Wendy sat close to the new kindergartener to interpret for her."

To include something as necessary.
"Making a cake involves measuring, mixing, baking, and decorating."

The main idea to be talked about, or a particular publication (magazine, stamp, stocks or bonds). " 'That's not the issue,' said Ricardo. 'We were going to plan a surprise party, not talk about the weather!'  "
Also, "Do you have the December 2010  issue of 'National Geographic'? "

Physical work, especially using strength; or the group of all workers of a country or industry. "The labor union at the Chevrolet plant was telling the automobile workers not  to go to work in the morning." Also,
"Making the beautiful flower arrangement for her mother was a labor of love."

Allowed by law, or related to law and courts of law. "Speeding on the city streets is not legal."

To write and pass laws. "The candidate promised to legislate to make more jobs available."

Of great importance, size, or seriousness;  also, a military title. "Major Samuelson announced that the weather satellite showed a major storm coming into southern Arizona."

A way of doing something; orderliness.
"The lattice method is one way to multiply;  long division is one method of dividing."

To happen, or to come into one's mind.
"What time will that occur?  It just occurred to me that we are late!"

Used to express a proportion in hundredths, sometimes with the ' %' sign. "Elizabeth knew that  'percent'  meant  'per  hundred'.  That's why  '70%'  is the same as  '70 hundredths'  or   '.70 ' or   '70/100' . "

A punctuation mark(.) used at the end of a sentence or in abbreviations;  also a division of playing time in some sports. "It didn't look good.  The U of A Wildcats hadn't scored at all by the end of the first period."

A way of acting that is used by a person, or group or government. "It was Grandfather's policy to never charge anything on credit.  He would not buy at all if he couldn't pay cash."

The basic way something works;  also, the model of quality or right-and-wrong that people follow in life. "I try to always tell the truth, as a matter of principle."

To go on to do something.
"After the guard checked Mrs. Slone's identification, he told her to proceed into the building."

A number of actions done to make a special thing happen. Registering to vote is a careful process:  First, you must show that you are a citizen and are at least 18 years old.  Then you must show that you live in this county.  

To need something or somebody.
"Mary's dog requires a rabies vaccination before it can get a dog license."

To look for facts in a careful, organized way for the purpose of learning about something, or telling whether what you already know is true or not. "Elliot began his research with the 1938 passenger lists of a steamship.  He wanted to find out how his grandfather first came to America."

To give an answer. "The dog will always respond to a knock on the door by loud barking!"

An acting part in a movie, play, or other performance;  also, an expected way that someone or something. "At the neighborhood potluck, Martha's role was to set out the cold food while Paul fired up the grill and Kathryn filled the cooler with Pepsi and 7-Up."

A distinct part of the whole of something.
"Luz separated the tangerine into 12 sections."

A pie-shaped part of a circle; also, a part of an area where military forces are in control.
"The General's plan called for Sector B to move out at dawn."

Meaningful, or having an important effect.
"Jessie's home run was significant in helping her team to win the game."

Like something else, but not totally the same. "The two trucks were similar:  both were 2005 pickups, but one was black and one was red."

The person, place, or thing where something started or was found. "Grandmother looked for the source of the leak that was making a puddle on the kitchen floor." Also,
"What is the source of the information in your science report?"

Description that is exact and detailed enough to identify a particular person, place, or thing. "The doctor gave specific instructions to Heather's nurse."

Something built; or the way parts go together and work together. "That old iron bridge is an interesting structure;  look how all the pieces fit together!"

An idea or set of ideas about how and why things work together.   "Sylvia had a theory about how to increase her vocabulary."

To change something.
"Max would vary his lunch.  Sometimes he had a peanut butter-and-jelly sandwich;  sometimes he had pizza."

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