Sunday, September 18, 2011

Tucson Reading Tutors

Special Education Consultant Services/Reading Tutoring Services 

Reading Tutoring Services
  1. Administer and collect appropriate reading ability, fluency, vocabulary knowledge and academic testing data.
  2. One-on-one reading tutoring
  3. In-home or library tutoring available
  4. Specializing in remediation and compensatory reading skills development
 Special Education Consultant Services
1. Administer and collect appropriate testing data, behavioral screenings, and write Individualized Education Plans (IEPs) and evaluate Multidisciplinary Team Evaluations (METs)
2. Participate in review and revision of IEP and MET, as appropriate.
3. Maintain appropriate student data and other records and submit reports as required.
4. Administer middle school-wide screenings and identify critical needs of students
5. Facilitate Child Study Team meetings with general education teachers and administration.
6. Meet with families to review and revise IEPs and METs.

Free Initial Phone Consultation | not to exceed 30 minutes

$ 950.00 Comprehensive Academic and IQ Screening | administer the Woodcock Johnson Test of Academic Achievement, the BRIGANCE Early Childhood Complete Assessment, the Wechsler Intelligence Scale for Children (WISC). Comprehensive screening includes a comprehensive diagnostic report with behavioral and academic goals, additional school / home-school suggestions, and measurable academic objectives. Includes up to four hours of consultation for Individual Education Plans (IEPs), 504 plans, Individual Learning Plans (ILPs), Behavior Plans, and three year Multidisciplinary Evaluation Team Meetings METs.

$450.00 Academic Screening | administer the Woodcock Johnson Test of Academic Achievement and the BRIGANCE Early Childhood Complete Assessment. Academic Screening includes a comprehensive diagnostic report, academic goals and objectives further school or home-school suggestions, and measurable academic objectives. Includes two hours of consultation

$290.00 Review of Current Academic History | current school records, academic history are reviewed and evaluated with revised academic and behavioral goals and objectives if needed. Includes 2 hours of consultation

$100.00 Emotional Intelligence, Academic Enrichment, Special Education, Autism and or Behavioral Consulting (Hourly Rate)

$100.00 Student and Parent Advocacy for IEPs meetings, METs meetings, School Mediation, and Due Process Hearings. (Hourly Rate) 

$ 50.00 Academic, Behavioral, and Emotional Intelligence Tutoring.
(Hourly Rate)

$1,500 School and District Consulting (Daily Rate)

Travel and expenses not included in above prices. 

Email or 

Test Prep (AIMS, SAT, ACT, GMAT, and Others)

Sean Taylor M.Ed 

  • Master’s Degree in Special Education Magna Cum-Laude
  • Bachelors Degree in K-8 Elementary Education Summa Cum-Laude 
  • Valid Arizona Teaching Certificate with endorsements in ESL (English as a Second Language), 
  • Special Education Endorsement expired will revise if needed. 
  • Many years of teaching experience in special education programs
  • Thorough working knowledge of the various teaching theories, teaching strategies, and techniques applicable to second language learners and special education students.
  • Ongoing professional development in best practice special education delivery, reading interventions, and ESL program development and delivery.
  • Experience in working with children who are moderately, severely or multiple-disabled 
  • Experience working with diverse ability groups

Rates $50-$100 per hour

Please Email me @

Free Reading and Math Tutoring
All parents have an opportunity to sign up for free academic tutoring if their child is enrolled in a Title I school. The list of teachers and tutors is provided by the district and is very easy to use and access. The programs are part of, supplemental educational services ( SES ) and are free tutoring services that must be offered to low-income children who attend a Title I schools.

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